18 April, 2020

The personality before and after life

Personality is a vehicle in which we walk. And it is one of the aspects of each individual. But where was I before I was born? And where will he be after death?
13 April, 2020

Knowledge beyond the intellect

Today's culture has us accustomed to using only intellectual knowledge. But true knowledge is much more than just that.
3 April, 2020

Three Principles for Understanding Easter

In the story about the life of Christ there are universal principles that have been expressed in all the cultures of the world, which are necessary to understand Easter. Here we present three of them.
3 April, 2020

Power is in The Cross

The emblematic universal symbol of the Cross in its silent simplicity contains great mysteries awaiting to be discovered.
1 April, 2020

The Cosmic Drama of Easter

Since immemorial times, the Cosmic Drama of Holy Week has existed on our Planet Earth and in the hidden depths of the Universe. Know what its message is for humankind.
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