Is a life without problems possible?
Is a life without problems possible?
21 May, 2021
The wisdom of living in the moment
The wisdom of living in the moment
22 June, 2021


Within Man there has always been an incessant quest for truth. Throughout the history of mankind, religious, philosophical and scientific schools of thought in different cultures and civilisations have always sought to provide an answer to the truth of things. However, instead of finding it, human beings have often fallen into disputes between religious, philosophical and scientific beliefs, in a real labyrinth of theories and concepts. This is a result of selfishness, pride, the desire for power and many other subhuman defects that man carries within himself.

Moreover, belief in dogmas and rigid theories has often led man to adopt extreme attitudes, which have only contributed to the fragmentation of society, generating the fear of the unknown, discrimination against those who think differently, and even violence. And these catastrophic injuries to humanity, such as religious wars, such as the Crusades that devastated the non-Christian cultures and the Holy Inquisition, the violent religious subjugation of the original peoples of the Americas, Nazism and the Jewish holocaust in the Second World War, slavery, the Ku Klux Klan and discrimination against people of African descent, which still exist today, have been justified.

 This is because everyone proclaims and defends their own partial and segmented truth; which has more to do with their own circumstances and historical and socio-cultural context than with an absolute, universal truth.

“TRUTH has nothing to do with time. TRUTH is ATEMPORAL. The EGO is time and therefore cannot know TRUTH.” Samael Aun Weor. Fundamental Education.

Many Beliefs, One Truth

“All religions are pearls strung on the golden thread of divinity.” Buddha

The word Religion comes from the Latin word re- ligare which means to re-unite, to reconnect with the spiritual part. It is said that there are seven major religions and more than a million sects around the world. While their religious forms are distinct, each and every one of them fulfils its mission for humanity. And they share the religious principles expressed in each of the sacred books that were written to guide humanity to a higher destiny.

Western civilisation ignores the wisdom of  most of these; instead of understanding the eternal principles that are in all of them, it only deepens the differences with other cultures.

Truth is within man Truth is within man

“TRUTH is not something still, static, TRUTH is the unknown from MOMENT to MOMENT.” Samael Aun Weor

We live in cities with great levels of convenience and technological advancement, yet there are high levels of dissatisfaction, because the essential human values and ability to enjoy simple things have been lost. By disconnecting from nature we have lost our sense of gratitude and sensitivity towards life. And so our inner faculties have become dormant, but with practice, they can be brought back to life.

 In this way we can rediscover the authentic wisdom that comes from within the human being, when he tires of life with no meaning; through inspiration, he decides to take charge of his own life and to begin to know himself from moment to moment, making use of the faculties of consciousness.

How to approach the truth

“The TRUTH is not a goal to be reached, the TRUTH is hidden in the depths of every problem of daily life, it is like the SUN, it shines behind the dark clouds of our personal defects.” Samael Aum Weor.

By having all our senses attentive to the here and now, we can be conscious of the present moment and capture the teaching that each event holds for us.

Concentrating on the beating of our heart gives us the possibility to understand our own particular rhythm. Remaining attentive to what we think, feel and act is the key to self-knowledge that brings us closer to discovering our own inner truth.

In short, whoever decides to find the truth in every moment and to embody it; no longer follows theories or dogmas; no longer listens to his subjective and sensual mind or is driven by his instincts; for the truth gives him all the wisdom he needs to reach Peace within.


“Lie on your bed on your back, relax all the muscles of your body and quiet your mind, thinking absolutely nothing for thirty minutes on six days of the week. At the same time before falling asleep.” Samael Aum Weor. Aztec Christic Magic.

We invite you to find the truth yourself, exploring this topic in our free courses of self-knowledge.

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