30 April, 2022

The machine man

The human machine is the result of a mechanical, repetitive and automatic life. By activating our consciousness we can transform this reality.
25 August, 2021

Three fundamental aspects of self-knowledge Willpower

To walk the path of self-knowledge, it is important to develop three aspects: WILL, COMPREHENSION AND DISCIPLINE.
31 July, 2021

Life experiences: a guide to self-knowledge

Our life experiences can be a guide to self-knowledge. Learn how to make the most of them.
10 June, 2020

What is my psychological song?

Know the song that could be wreaking havoc on your life and learn how to protect yourself from its hypnotic effects: Find out what your psychological song is.
6 June, 2020

Knowledge of oneself

One of the main objectives of Gnostic knowledge is to know oneself, but what does this mean? Do we know ourselves?
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