The Federation of Gnostic Culture has grown and spread to more than 30 countries around the world. It is comprised of four types of registered institutions:

1) Association for Religious and Cultural Studies of the Gnostic Teachings: This institution is devoted primarily to spiritual development, and philosophical and cultural studies for practical use in everyday life. Main goal: Spiritual development.

2) AGEACAC: (Gnostic Association of Anthropological and Cultural Studies). This institution is dedicated to the promotion of philosophical and cultural principles spread through schools, academies, culture centres, libraries, etc. This is done by conducting lectures and giving courses on Self-knowledge, Psychology, Philosophy and comprehensive Culture.

Main goal: The Awakening of Social Consciousness.

3) IUC: (Institute of Universal Charity). IUC is dedicated to charity work in more than 25 countries, without discrimination of race, culture, religion or political beliefs. The Gnostic teachings promote works of charity as a fundamental necessity for everyone’s life. Main goal: Universal Charity.

4) ASOPROVIDA (Association for the Protection of Life): Asoprovida is an institution focused on the preservation of the planet’s natural resources, plants animals and environment. A well-grounded culture can not fully exercise its virtue, if it is not an activist of global ecology. Today, more than ever, we need to generate global awareness and social responsibility for nature and the environment because humanity is out of harmony and incompatible with the laws Nature to sustain life on the planet. Main objective: Ecology and Social Awareness.

Summary: The Federation of Gnostic Culture promotes, encourages and offers:

1)Spiritual development and progress

2)The development and harmony of psychological and philosophical progress in society and personal life.

3)Charity work. Helping those in need.

4)Environmental responsibility.

One of this organization’s cornerstones is that it provides an international infrastructure and training for every individual who wants to join this initiative: generating a positive change in themselves and in their society. If you have a desire to participate in these ventures, and generate a positive impact in your local town, or city please click this button and contact us!

Soon there will be a world map available to access addresses and contact information of these institutions, derived from the Federation of Gnostic Culture worldwide. We invite you to be an active part of the awakening of social consciousness.

Respectfully, Federation of Gnostic Culture.

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