1 June, 2020

Magic is in life

Magic is closer to us than you might think. Because nature, life itself, is infused with magic.
30 May, 2020

The hidden messages of Parsifal

Great works of art are expressions of Universal wisdom and they contain messages that are from the mind but are understood by the conscience.
25 May, 2020

Inspired Knowledge

Only through inspired knowledge is it possible to interpret the symbols of Great Nature. Only in this way can we enter into the comprehension of its mysteries.
24 May, 2020


Meditation is a very simple practice. But it takes us to the discovery of the great realities of the universe and  brings great benefits, physical and internal.    
20 May, 2020

Astral Unfolding

Astral unfolding is a phenomenon that is commonly done in an involuntary way. With practice we can do it consciously.
19 May, 2020

The Magician’s Preparation

The magician’s preparation is perhaps the most important part on the Path. It requires the elimination of defects and the birth of virtues.
17 May, 2020

Scientific research on Meditation

In this article, we will explore some of the medical-scientific research on Meditation.  And the positive effects of meditation on the body.
16 May, 2020

Meditation is a path to the light

Meditation is a path to light, as it brings us to a state where there are no distortions of the mind and personality.
12 May, 2020

Elemental Magic of Nature – The Mastery of Inner Nature

The same elements that form our exterior nature also form our inner nature, both biological and psychological.
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