The Magician’s Preparation

Honesty and Humility

The preparation of the magician is perhaps the most important part of the Path and it has several aspects.  Principally, whoever wishes to become an authentic magician should first work on the elimination of all negative aspects of himself in order to remove them so that virtues can flourish in him. The honesty and humility of the magician are precious jewels that shine in those who have eliminated greed, pride, vanity and many other defects that cloud the view and the senses of any person.

The magician should carry out this magical exercise for his own good and spiritual progress, and for the common good of his neighbour. We give below an anecdote narrated by Samael Aun Weor, who gives wisdom of our times in relation to honesty and humility.

The theurgist John: 

We knew a man who was called John. He was a sublime theurgist!  He knew how to travel consciously in the Astral Body. One very calm and silent night, when he was out of his physical body, John invoked the Holy Spirit.  Suddenly a marvellous bird, a dove of the most ineffable whiteness appeared. With the head of a venerable elder and a dappled, white beard, it floated deliciously above the head of the theurgist.

What a sight to admire was this pure white, big and beautiful dove with the head of a venerable elder!  Thethe white dove stood on the shoulders of a friend of  John and whispered wise advice into his ear.  Afterwards, the dove of ineffable whiteness with head of a venerable old man stood in front of John.

Full of ecstasy our good disciple asked the Holy Spirit, “My Lord, Oh my God, tell me, how am I doing? Am I doing well?” 

The dawn dove, assuming a sublimely human figure, spoke, full of love, “My son you are doing badly.”

Surprised, John asked again, “My Lord! Tell me, why I am doing badly?”

And the Holy Spirit declared, “I am healing one of your sick patients, the sick patient that isain your charge.  It is not you who is curing her.  I am the one who heals her. However, you have charged her money!  Those coins that you received, you should give them back! They have been given to you with great sacrifice.”

Shocked, John answered, “If I give back those coins … will I be doing well?”

The venerable old man said, “Yes, then you will be doing well, very well.”

John embraced the venerable elder, full of an immense love.  And the elder blessed John.

Samael Aun Weor: Logos Mantrams Theurgy


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19 May, 2020
The Magician’s Preparation

The Magician’s Preparation

The magician’s preparation is perhaps the most important part on the Path. It requires the elimination of defects and the birth of virtues.
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