The personality before and after life

If a man is born in 1950, lives 70 years and dies, where was he before 1950? And where will he be after 2020? Official science still has no answer for this. Despite this being the gist of all questions about life and death: The personality. Where is it before and after life?

Most people feel very identified with their personality, they defend it and are generally very sure that they are their personality. However, this is only one aspect of the internal structure of the Human Being. That is, that an individual is much more than that energetic vehicle we call Personality.

The personality belongs to time

Before the present life, the personality that each person has did not exist and neither will it continue existing after the person’s death. Because personality is a child of time, it is born and dies in its time. And it is clear that what has a beginning inevitably has an end. But there is something that did exist, and will continue to exist beyond this life, and that is the essence.

“The essence is what we really are”

It is the innate and the purest thing we have within us. It is there where values and virtues meet, the hidden possibilities of  man that are possible to develop. The essence is eternal and never dies. However, the personality can be used only for one existence, and that is why it belongs to time.

“Time is circular and the life of the HUMAN PERSONALITY is a closed curve. The life of the HUMAN PERSONALITY develops in its time, is born in its time and dies in its time; it can never exist beyond its time”. Samael Aun Weor

How is personality created?

Every RETURN implies, of course, the fabrication of a new Human Personality, this is

formed during the first seven years of childhood.

The family environment, life in the street and school give the HUMAN PERSONALITY its original, characteristic tint. THE EXAMPLE of their elders is a defining factor for a child’s personality.” Samael Aun Weor

When a child is born, he is beautiful because only the essence is expressed in him. But as he grows, the personality is in formation until he is 7 years old and from then it only becomes stronger. So the experiences that the child has during these early years are very important, since they will be the stamps that will condition his whole existence.

The personality is a vehicle for this life

Personality is a vehicle for essence to manifest. Because it is necessary to be able to fit in with the culture and society where the individual lives.  That is why, as we have said, it serves for only a single existence. And every time an existence begins, it needs to be created again.

For example, in our current society it would be very difficult to function with a personality from the time of ancient Greece or with a personality formed in the Middle Ages. That would simply be a lack of adaptation.

But since personality is a vehicle of expression, it can also be a vehicle for the EGO, of the psychological defects that we carry within. In fact, most of the time, that’s what happens. That is why we are more likely to make mistakes in our lives and fall into negative emotional states. We can change the latter by knowing how our psyche works through self-knowledge and with precise techniques.

In summary, the human being is composed of many aspects that most people do not know about. That is, we know very little about ourselves and that is why we often stagger around the world as if we were blindfolded.  So  we don’t see the world as it is. But the most important thing is that we do not see ourselves. If only we saw ourselves we could know ourselves and discover all the mysteries of life, death, the universe… because they lie in our inner cosmos.


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The personality before and after life

The personality before and after life

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