“CHILDREN OF THE EARTH! Listen to your instructors, the Children of Fire…

Kings and queens of fire, creatures of the forests… I conjure you!

There is no forest that does not have its Genie…There is no tree that does not have its creature, its power and its intelligence…

There is no tree without a Soul…All plants are the physical body of an elemental creature of nature…

The plants have Souls, and the Souls of the plants have within them all the powers of the Mother Goddess of the World…

The Souls of the plants are the elementals of Nature. These innocent creatures still have not left Eden, for which reason they still have not lost their igneous powers…

The elementals of the plants play like innocent children amongst the ineffable melodies of this great Eden of the Mother Goddess of the World.

The aromas of fire intoxicate us,and filled with ecstasy, elevate us to the ineffable joy of NIRVANA…

There is nothing that does not have a Soul in this ardent creation…

If we observe the ardent depths of a millenary rock with the eyes of the Spirit, we see that each atom is a physical body of an elemental mineral creature who fights, loves and works amongst the ardent crackling of the universal flames, intensely yearning to climb the ardent grades from the carbon, and from the diamond, to have the right to enter the sublime kingdom of plants…

We need to rediscover all the secrets of ancient wisdom from the giants of the forests and from the innocent children of the water, air, rocks and the burning flames, to restore esoteric wisdom over the face of the Earth.

All elemental magic of the ancient Hierophants scorchingly sizzle amongst the Sacred Chalice of the flowers, amongst the very entrails of the august trees of great Nature.

We must seek the old wisdom of the Hierophants of Egypt and Greece amongst the millenary rocks that defy time, and amongst the subterranean caverns of the entrails of the Earth, where the scorching fire sizzles, burning with its flames, the scoria…

We must separate the smoke from the flames, we must elaborate, with the aroma of ardent incentive, the body of LIBERATION, made from the purest musk.”



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8 May, 2020


The Beings of Nature are the physical bodies of the elementals. There is nothing in this ardent creation that does not have Soul.
7 May, 2020
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