The Universal Laws: the law of 3

Just as in the world we live in has laws that rule and organize us, such as the laws of physics, civil laws etc.; so the cosmos that we are a part of, is also ruled by laws. These are cosmic, immutable laws, which even if we don’t know about them, inevitably influence our existence. And one of these universal laws is the law of 3, the Law of Triamanzikan.

This great universal law rules everything that exists; it is this law that gives origin to all of Creation. And the number 3, according to the Hebraic Kabala, is the number that creates: From the simplest organisms that live in the dust of the Earth, to the huge masses of the worlds that move in their orbits. From the infinitely tiny to the infinitely large.

That is to say that 3 forces are necessary for any creation: the positive, the negative and the neutral. This also equates to the masculine, the feminine and the conciliatory aspects respectively. Furthermore, these three forces are expressed as light, heat and sound: Essential elements for life to develop in the world. That is why we affirm that all creation is the crystallization of these three principles that make up the Divine Triad or in Indian terms the Trimurti. https://gnosis.link/La-Trimurti

How does the Law of 3 work?

Let’s look at some examples:

  • The atom, which is the smallest particle which matter divides into, is formed by a positive aspect or proton, a negative aspect or electron and a neutral aspect or neutron. 
  • For the creation of a human being, the positive force is needed: a man; the negative force: a woman; and in consequence a child is born, who is the equivalent of the conciliatory aspect.
  • In nature, when a predator goes for its prey, the hunter is the positive aspect, the prey is the negative aspect and there is a third force that produces the action. Other related laws intervene here, such as the ‘Law of common cosmic Trogoautoegocratic’, which is the law of eat and be eaten.

With these few examples, we can see that if the Universal Laws stopped working, the law of 3 for example, the entire universe would be paralyzed, and there would be no creations, transformations or movement.

The Law of 3 in mystical terms

The Trimurti is the Hindu Divine TriadSpeaking in mystical or religious terminology, these three aspects are related to the Divine Triad, present in all Cultures: Father, Son and Holy Spirit for Christianity; Osiris, Isis and Horus in the Egyptian culture; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in Hindu culture. And so, in every  culture that has ever existed on our planet this representation has been there, because these are primordial cosmic forces.

This Immortal Triad is one of the great mysteries of the cosmogenesis of all cultures. It emerges from the Chaos or “the Nothing”, from what is beyond creation, from the unmanifested; that from which all creation unfolds. From the abstract space that is inaccessible to all intellectual understanding.

 Universal laws and spiritual creations

 As above, so below. As it is inside, it is outside. That is, in the same way that a physical birth occurs, spiritual birth also occurs, through the three primary forces. That is why, all the sacred texts refer to these three forces, since the spiritual life of a person also is born and develops from them: from a man or a woman who sets out to produce that creation within themselves.

Why is it important to know the Universal laws like the law of 3?

As we have seen, there are universal laws, well known to the ancient cultures but little known in our times. This is because, on the one hand, the human species as a whole has become increasingly separated from the bosom of Mother Nature, thus falling into a mechanical way of being, an intellectualism where mysticism and intuition have been lost, those natural internal faculties that allow him access to all that knowledge.

On the other hand, because man has fallen into the error of believing himself to be separate from the Universe and therefore has fallen into the ignorance of thinking that he can establish laws that do not correspond to the laws that rule the Universe.

But despite all the opinions, concepts and reasoning that the intellect can give, these laws will continue to exist and govern the creation and each one of us. Therefore, we should start to know them and understand their deep significance. In this way, we can wisely guide the ship of our existence and as a result find true success in our lives.

Go forward, the triumph is within your reach!

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18 January, 2020
The cosmos is governed by Universal Laws as the Law of 3

The Universal Laws: The Law of 3

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