The Cosmic Drama of Easter

Since time immemorial, on our planet and in the hidden depths of the Universe, the cosmic Drama of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of the Christ has existed. And even though in our times the adored Master Jeshua Ben Pandira gave a physical representation of this drama, it concerns an internal process. It is the Cosmic Drama of the person who chooses the path to becoming a True Man, a self-realized Man, a true King of Nature. 

Before Jesus the Christ and after him, there have been others who have undergone that drama of “passion, death and resurrection” however, unlike Jesus, they lived it in an internal way, albeit the process is also reflected in the three -dimensional world. 

One of the reasons why Jesus lived it physically, was so that all of humanity would know it. And so that people could, like him, break free from darkness of hatred, anger, from negative thoughts and emotions, selfishness, greed, from lust and from all subhuman defects that cause damage and bring pain to humanity.

It is time to wake up  and to comprehend that the sacrifice made by that great Being is for us to be able to liberate ourselves, because nobody can do it for us. Nobody can take fear out of us, nobody can extract resentment, jealousy and anguish from us. Nobody can take from inside of us what we don’t want to let go of. Because we are attached to that, believing there is nothing else, ignorant of true peace and happiness.

All those great masters known by humanity and that have internally lived their own Holy week – Easter – didn’t come so that we would become their followers, but rather to show us the path to our own being. Gnosis invites us to search for our Being, to search for union with that divine principle we have inside ourselves, to search for wisdom in our microcosm. To take our own path of self-knowledge, so that we, like them, may live the holy week of Easter in our interior.

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1 April, 2020
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The Cosmic Drama of Easter

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What is Gnostic Culture?

In these times humanity is submerged in pain, the demographic explosion and the rise of ambition and power has led humanity into poverty, hunger, cruelty, wars, the struggle between corporations, countries, where the one who pays the price is always the "ordinary man".
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