Christmas: the birth of the Christ

What is celebrated at Christmas? Is it an exclusively western celebration?

If we do some brief research on the history of humanity, we will see that humanity has always tried to find out about the universe and the cosmos. The birth of the Christ or Christmas, for example, is one of the most surprising mysteries of our existence. For that reason this event has been told by many different cultures around the world, a long time before Jesus came to the Earth.

The solar myth

The story of Christmas or birth of the Christ is known as the solar myth. That’s why the hero of this story has been present in all ages as a man-God, and his life proceeds according to the movement of the sun.

In ancient times, the birth of Mithra, for example, was always celebrated with great festivals, during the winter solstice. In the old Egypt of pharaohs, Horus, a divine spirit, son of Isis and Osiris, was also born at the winter solstice.

Nowadays, science corroborates that on the eve of those dates, we have the longest nights of the year, where darkness reigns in the world, but from that day on, the darkness stops growing and the light starts to shine. Between December 24th and 25th, the baby sun that is born, starts moving forward in its cycle toward the north, while the constellation of Virgo, the immaculate virgin shines resplendent in the zenith.

The eternal Cosmic Mother

The sun, The Christ is always born from the womb of the cosmic virgin mother. For that reason, every master is always the son of an immaculate virgin. That’s how the religious books say that BUDDHA, JÚPITER, ZEUS, APOLLO, QUETZALCOATL, FUJI … were born from IMMACULATE VIRGINS. Virgins before, during and after giving birth. What I mean is that Mary, the mother of Jesus, is the same Isis, Juno, Demeter, Ceres, Maia… the cosmic mother or Kundalini  from whom the cosmic Christ is always born.

If we study the different religions, we will find immaculate conceptions everywhere. Jesus is conceived by the work and grace of the HOLY SPIRIT.  Jesus’ mother was an IMMACULATE VIRGIN.

The death of Christ 

During Easter phenomenon occurs in which light and darkness balance, day and night are of the same length. And it is in this moment when the death of Christ occurs, but after the Lord’s resurrection, another phenomenon occurs, where the days become longer than the nights, and light triumphs over darkness.

In the same way, in ancient Egypt, at that time of the year was when Osiris died at Seth’s hands, and was represented with his arms extended, as if he were crucified.

On that date the death of Tammuz in Babylon was also lamented every year. In Syria and Greece there was a lot of holy mourning, they would weep for Adonis. And in the same way in Persia the death of Mithra was marked.

In summary, in all the schools of mysteries the solar race was represented in a dramatic way, from its birth to its death and resurrection. The initiate made his life into the solar drama and he became, in fact, a solar individual.

The principle of Universal Christ

In all ages there have lived masters who comprehended the endless universal Christ principle. This is how Hermes was the Christ, and in Mexico, Quetzalcoatl was the Christ, and in India the Christ was Krishna.

For that reason we can get a surprise when making a comparative study of religions, due to the fact that the cosmic Christ features in millions of archaic books and old traditions dating from thousands of years before Christ. The Christasterism is the solar religion of all times and ages.

The secret doctrine of the savior of the world was taught within the mysteries of the Knights Templar, within the mysteries of the Aztecs, Mayans, Incas and Toltecs. It was also taught in the Eleusian mysteries of Rome, of Mithras, Carthage, and Tyre, within the Celtic Mysteries, the Phoenicians, Egyptians, Druids, and all of the primitive Christian sects.

The birth of the real man

Those who don´t know the hermetic wisdom, those who have never studied anything about Gnostic cosmogenesis and anthropology, are ignorant of all wisdom of archaic times.

But the time has come when we must make a great revaluation of principles. It is the time of the lifting of the veil of mysteries. Because Christ is not an individual, but a universal, cosmic, and impersonal principle.

The great Jesus of Nazareth completely assimilated the principle Christ and in fact he became into a God-man. He was a real man in the in the full meaning of the word because he managed to absolutely assimilate the principle of the universal and cosmic Christ. He is the most exalted man who has walked upon the earth, he is the savior of the world.

Modern humanity made the mistake of separating Christmas, the birth of the Christ Jesus, from all his predecessors, who also christified themselves, as he did. However it is a mistake to believe that the Christ was only that great master, and this causes harm to humanity today. The Christ is a force that can be expressed through any person, who is duly prepared through the path of an internal revolution.

Gnosis is the synthesis of universal knowledge, you can learn more with our self-knowledge courses about these topics.

30 March, 2020
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Christmas: the birth of the Christ

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