22 June, 2021

The wisdom of living in the moment

To make the most of every circumstance in life we need to learn to extract the wisdom of living in the moment. How to achieve this?
21 May, 2021


Man has always searched for truth. But he has usually lost his way in intricate mental labyrinths, so how can he find it?
21 May, 2021

Is a life without problems possible?

Have you ever wondered if a life without problems is possible, if there is a way to solve them, or if you just have to suffer them?
25 April, 2021

The Power of Classical Music

There is a type of music that can generate states of harmony, balance and well-being in the human being: Discover the effects of Classical Music.
25 March, 2021

Music and our inner balance

Melodies with true harmony help us to elevate our state of mind. So music and inner balance are closely related.
22 February, 2021

Man’s inner faculties

Just as we have external senses, we also have internal senses, but in latent mode. Discover how to awaken the inner faculties of man.
10 November, 2020

The Holy Books and the One Truth

To find out more about this and other topics, we invite you to join our online self-knowledge course. Free of charge.
26 October, 2020

The Balance between Being and Knowing

Finding balance in all aspects of existence is one of the keys to success. The question of being and knowledge is one of those aspects.
27 August, 2020

The Secret to Happiness

All human beings, to a greater or lesser extent, are searching for the secret to happiness. But is it possible to find it?
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