30 April, 2022

The machine man

The human machine is the result of a mechanical, repetitive and automatic life. By activating our consciousness we can transform this reality.
30 October, 2021

THE POWER OF THE WORD: the ancient magic of the verb

The power of the word was well known and used by all ancient cultures. Today we can also learn to use it.
30 October, 2021

5 Tips for Emotional Balance

Today's way of life leads to a loss of emotional balance. But there are things we can do to regain it.
16 October, 2021

The Law of Destiny

Knowing how universal laws work, such as the law of destiny, is essential to understand all the processes of our life.
27 September, 2021

A message for our consciousness

Classical tales, as well as other expressions of inspiration, deliver lessons to the consciousness in the form of allegories and symbols.
25 August, 2021

Three fundamental aspects of self-knowledge Willpower

To walk the path of self-knowledge, it is important to develop three aspects: WILL, COMPREHENSION AND DISCIPLINE.
31 July, 2021

The esoteric wisdom of Chess

There are many board games. But none of them represent life as well as chess does. Find out what its hidden symbols mean.
31 July, 2021

Life experiences: a guide to self-knowledge

Our life experiences can be a guide to self-knowledge. Learn how to make the most of them.
6 July, 2021

Are we alone in the universe?

Have you ever wondered if we are really alone in the universe, in a universe so vast that our mind is unable to conceive of it?
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