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Karma – Reincarnation – The Awakening – Fear and Negative Emotions – Meditation and Relaxation -Chakras and Mantras – Personality, Essence and ego – Meta-Physical Laws and Esoteric Biology – Symbolism of Dreams – Astral Projection – Kabala – Emotional Intelligence – Human Relations – The Wise Use of our Energy – Alchemy – Evolution and Involution.

ONLINE GNOSTIC COURSES on your Platform of Choice!


​​​With these lessons you will understand much more about yourself and discover a new intelligent way to achieve your goals. Enjoy the experience!

Basic Chamber lessons of the Online Course

0 – Introductory lesson

We will study the meaning of our existence, the reaches of the gnostic teachings and we will know that our conscience is “Asleep” which prevents us from knowing the truth and be happy.

1 – What is Gnosis? 

We will explain the meaning of the word gnosis and study its origins, its objective, the areas it covers and its methods, aside from introducing the assistants to the course.

2 – Personality, Essence and Ego 

The intention of this conference is to introduce to those who are interested, the study of your own inner world and hence, to have the necessary tools to self correct harmful sides of yourself and to flourish the virtues and faculties which are asleep

3 – The Awakening of Consciousness 

Human beings many times live like machines, without knowing what they do or why they do it. This conference is an invitation to reflect on our way of life and the current state of our conscience.

4 – The Psychological Self

The mistakes and sufferings generally are due to our selfish wishes and our lack of comprehension of others, of how to discover and to beat obstacles, this is what this lesson is about.

Conclusions of First Stage

5 – Light, Heat and Sound

In this conference we will cover the theme of the creation of the universe and men, besides we will talk about the Hebrew and Hindu traditions, the mystery of the trinity. Also we will study the Chakras and the hidden senses of man.

6 – The Human Machine

The human being is a machine full of gears unknown to himself. We will teach how to discover and set in place the main gears: Reason, emotion, motor skills, instinct and sex.

7 – The World of Relationships

We worry about having a good relationship with others but always leaving aside the relationship with ourselves. In this conference we will learn how to have an adequate relationship with our inner and outer world.

8 – The Path and the Life

We must define ourselves to walk an spiritual path, in perfect balance with the life we lead, without falling into dogmatisms or becoming fanatics.

9 – The level of Being

We all have a certain moral level, which has nothing to do with creeds or social status. We discover the level of Being we have and what should we do to ascend to a higher one

10 – The Decalogue

The ten commandments described in the Bible have their correspondence with moral codes of other traditions. We will try to solve this enigma and also to go deeper into the interpretation of these divine laws.

11 – Fundamental Education

Currently, most people are educated to perform professionally and very few those who educate to form people with integrity, who’s main concern will be to serve transcendental purposes. This conference focuses on studying the bases for an integral education.

12 – The Genealogical Tree of Religions

All religions have common bases, and they are not the results of chance, this is due to the fact that all of them come from the same root, the point of this class is to study this root.

13 – Evolution, Involution and Revolution

As humans we are born, grow up, develop and finally, die. This is the mechanics of evolution and involution. The revolution appears when we transcend these laws.

14 – The Ray of Death

The post mortem process is a mystery to mankind. We will analyze different versions about life in the after life.

15 – Return, Recurrence and Reincarnation

In this class, we will discover who makes the destiny of men and we will talk about Reincarnation.

16 – The Balance of Justice

Karma (the law of action and consequence) how it works, the proof of its existence and the evidence of it throughout the different religions.

Advanced Chamber lessons of the Online Course


17 – The Four Paths:  

Over the course of history there have been three mystical paths to God: the path of the Monk, the path of the Fakir and the path of Yoga. Here we present a fourth path, that of the balanced Man.


18 – The Internal Diagram of Man:

As human beings we are overly identified with our physical body and this causes us to think that this is the only one we have for our development. In this lecture we will study the internal aspects of Man, like for example the Soul.


19 – The Transformation of Energy:

 Within all human beings many subtle energies are present that enable us to not only preserve our health, but also to awaken our dormant faculties.


20 – The Elementals:     

Ancient European traditions speak of the Gnomes, Fairies and Elves, Greek texts describe the Sylphs, Sylphides, Undines and Nereids. The pre-Columbian cultures of the Americas tell of the elementals of plants and animals. This presentation will inform us about these beings and give us cause to reflect on their existence.


 21 – The Four States of Consciousness:   

Our capacity to see things, to draw conclusions, to approach the Real, is very limited because we live in a state of subjective consciousness. We will learn the methods used by the ancient sages to increase consciousness and to reduce the distance between our perception and the REAL.


22 – Initiation:     

Those who resolve to awaken consciousness enter a path called Initiation. Prophets, masters, avatars, martyrs and saints have all taken this path.


23 – Final class of the course: