The Law of Destiny
The Law of Destiny
16 October, 2021
THE POWER OF THE WORD: the ancient magic of the verb
THE POWER OF THE WORD: the ancient magic of the verb
30 October, 2021

5 Tips for Emotional Balance

The way we live nowadays is far from natural. The demands and facilities of city life really work against our nature and therefore also work against the maintenance of any kind of  emotional balance. Long working hours, jobs that require us to stay up late, constant noise, visual overstimulation, bombardment of information, tight schedules, sedentary lifestyles, excessive use of technological media, ready made foods that do not provide the nutrients that the body needs.

All of these factors that form part of a modern, city lifestyle push us into emotional imbalance, due to the unnaturalness of this way of life.

Over time people have become increasingly aware of this situation and the word stress has become common, even fashionable, as have remedies to treat it.. For example: meditation, yoga and many other techniques that aim at mental, emotional and physical relaxation. However, it is interesting to know that there are small things that we can do every day to help maintain our emotional balance, relieve stress and avoid falling into depression.

Here are 5 ways to help maintain emotional balance:

    • Live in the moment:

During the day we can try to remain attentive to what we are doing, in that moment,  the place where we are  and with an awareness of ourselves. In this way we can manage to have a serene mind. This in turn will help us reduce our worries, because the mind that is constantly thinking makes problems appear bigger than they need to be. Instead of worrying, it is far better to take action at the right time.

    •     Go into nature:

At least once a week, go into nature, to the countryside, to a stream, to the mountains, to the beach, or wherever we can find nature, solitude and silence.

In that place take a few minutes to be alone, walk barefoot, sit on the grass, not thinking about anything, just enjoying the moment. Let the harmony of nature, that silence or those sounds, the wind, the animals, the river, repair our body and help us to feel calm.

    • Oxygenate the body:

Before going to sleep, breathe deeply for a few minutes, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. When inhaling, hold your breath for a few moments before exhaling so that the oxygen in the air is better absorbed. Concentrate on the process, not thinking about other things.

Oxygenation of the body has many benefits for the whole organism. Before sleeping, it can help us to relax the body for better rest. In addition, the sense of well-being we feel will help us to fall asleep in a state of harmony, and therefore wake up in the morning in a more positive frame of mind to start the day.

    • Select what we watch on TV, mobile phones, etc..:

Watching a lot of news programmes affects our emotional centre by generating unnecessary distress and worry.

Movies, series or novels that are very melancholic also affect our emotional balance. Watching them generates sadness, melancholy and sometimes we even cry.. This gradually leads to an imbalance in our emotions due to this  excessive negative stimulation.

Also violent programmes and films, as well as electronic video games, are harmful. They produce constant adrenalin discharges that unbalance the whole organism, the nervous system and the emotions.

    •     Take walks:

At least three times a week, go for  a pleasant walk for an hour. Remember when you do this to live in the moment and enjoy it.

The exercise of walking activates the whole body in a balanced way, without forcing it. It helps blood circulation and the exercise itself causes the body to return to a more relaxed state.

The root of imbalance

These tips are just a small sample of all that Gnostic wisdom has to offer. They are very effective when someone wants to begin to really take charge of their own life. They are real changes that each of us can make to improve the quality of our lives. But if someone wants to go further, they can discover the very root of the emotional state they find themselves in. They can understand the origin of emotional imbalance, the origin of pain, sadness, anxiety and all the negative states we may find ourselves in. And, furthermore, we can also learn how to eliminate these causes and achieve a constant and permanent state of emotional balance.

To learn more about these techniques, sign up for one of our free self-knowledge courses.


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