A message for our consciousness
A message for our consciousness
27 September, 2021
5 Tips for Emotional Balance
5 Tips for Emotional Balance
30 October, 2021

Does destiny exist?

This question is so contentious that it has led to many philosophical discussions throughout history. On the one hand, there are those who believe that everything is already written and that whatever happens will happen no matter what we do. Others believe that nothing is predetermined and that everything depends on our actions. Then there are those who say that although there is a pre-established Destiny, it can change. In the face of all this, Gnostic wisdom affirms that the law of destiny is one of the universal laws that governs the human being.

Since time immemorial, humankind has tried in different ways to discover and predict events, using the most diverse disciplines: magic, science, wise men, oracles, the stars, mathematics, etc. We know of the famous legacy of Albert Einstein speaking of the Relativity of Time; of the Curvature of Time and Space and including a phrase that causes us to reflect: “Chance does not exist, God does not play dice”.

We also have the example of the Famous Oracle of Delphi whose Inscription (according to Thales of Miletus) warned those who went to find out about their Fortune and Destiny: “I warn you, whoever you are, O you who wish to probe the arcana of Nature, that if you do not find within yourself that which you seek, neither will you find it outside. If you are ignorant of the excellencies of your own house, how can you expect to find other excellencies? In you is hidden the treasure of treasures. O man, know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods”.

Chance or causation?

We often meet other people with similar situations to ourselves, and we see this as a coincidence. We attribute the good and pleasant things that happen to us as good luck, and the bad and unpleasant things as bad luck.

 However, when we study and analyse the situations in our lives, as we learn from Gnostic wisdom, we come to understand that everything that happens is impelled by a cause. 

Furthermore, every occurrence carries with it a teaching. “There is no cause without effect, no effect without cause. Every action has a corresponding reaction”, is a clear principle of physics.

Understanding the strings that pull every event in our lives involves paying attention and being aware of the here and now at every moment.

There is no such thing as chance: the cosmos has an order and harmony that is reflected in everything known to man, from the atoms in a molecule to the great planetary systems.

The Universal Laws

The law of destiny is a universal law, like many others, but is unknown to most people. Gnostic culture teaches us that just as there are laws in society that help to maintain order and organisation, there are also universal laws that organise the cosmos. These are the laws found in nature, also called metaphysical laws. And even if we are not aware of them they influence and govern our lives.

There is, for example, the Law of Return, the Law of Evolution and Involution. These explain the pilgrimage of our Essence through all existences. This process is called Return, during which the essence seeks to emancipate itself from its imprisonment (the Ego) and to learn. We also know about that famous law of universal compensation present in nature, or as it is also known, The Law of Karma. The axiom of this law says that every cause has a consequence, and every consequence had a cause.

For many this well-known word, Karma, is synonymous with punishment. However, Gnostic Culture teaches that this word indicates something much deeper. So much so that we can say that it is synonymous with opportunity, and furthermore, we affirm that it is a “Medicine for our Soul”.

Gnosis explains that the events, circumstances, people, etc., that come our way on a daily basis have their origin or their cause in our mental, emotional and physical behaviour. If we could observe ourselves objectively with the wholesome purpose of self-exploration and self-discovery, we would realise that the origin of those events lies, not outside, but within each one of us. 

Everything that happens to us day by day, deep down, has the purpose of teaching us and showing us what we have in excess and what we are lacking. However, people never reflect on the reason for situations and prefer to protest, complain, insult or blame others for them.

Life is a school

All the great Sages of Humanity are Masters of Life, because they have understood that Life is a School and that in it lies the longed-for Wisdom. The key is to learn from events and from all the experiences we go through.

In order to find the keys to our own life and to become the architects of our own destiny, we need, first of all, to observe our life, ourselves, to know ourselves deeply. In this way we will be able to find the causes of what happens to us every day and, through will power, modify them, so that the effect is modified.

To learn the precise techniques of self-knowledge and radical transformation, we invite you to participate in our free self-knowledge courses.

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