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23 January, 2020
The Benefits of Meditation
19 February, 2020

The Universal Laws: Karma

Have you ever wondered why there are people born with silver spoons in their mouths and others are born into poverty? Could it be because life is unfair? Is it all just a coincidence? The ancient books of universal culture say precisely the opposite. They explain how Creation is governed by Universal laws, such as the law of Karma. That is to say, that chance does not exist, but cause does.

What is the law of Karma?

The Cosmos is ruled by great Universal Laws and one of them is the Law of Karma. Human beings have free will and that is why we can do what we want. However, each action has a consequence. That is why it is said “what you shall sow, so shall you reap”.

So, the law of Karma, far from being a revenge or punishment, is simply a law of action and consequence. There is no cause without effect or effect without cause. Every cause becomes effect and every effect becomes cause.

That is why when we come into the world, we bring our own destiny. If in the past existence we mistreated others, now we are mistreated, if in our past existence we betrayed someone, now we will be betrayed and if before we abandoned someone, now we will be abandoned.

“The law of action and consequence governs the course of our many existences. And each life is the result of the previous one.

To fully understand the basis and modus operandi of the law of Karma is indispensable so we can guide the ship of our life in a positive and edifying way” …

In simple words, we can say that any action in our life, good or bad, has a consequence. For example: if we injure someone today, at some point, the law of compensation will mean that someone will injure us. But also, if today we help someone or share our bread with someone in need, at some point that action will return to us and we will be helped. Or when we need it, someone will share their bread with us. The latter is called Dharma. That is the consequence of a positive action.


Can the Karma be modified?

Representation of the Universal law of Karma in ancient Egypt

Unfortunately, today’s society has fallen into ignorance of the universal laws that govern creation. And, as a result, the opportunity to make these cosmic laws work in our favor is missed. However, thanks to the teachings left by the great sages of humanity, today we can study all of this.

In this case, the first thing is to know that a person’s destiny and situation can be changed through concrete actions. In other words, whatever it is that we need, that’s what we have to give: if we need health, we should visit the sick ones. If we need a place to live, we should help those living in the street. If we need money, we should help those who need it most.

“Karma is a law of compensation, not of revenge. There are those who confuse this cosmic law with determinism and even fatalism, believing that everything that happens to man in life is inexorably pre-determined. It is true that man’s acts are determined by heredity, education and environment, but it is also true that man has free will and can modify his actions: educate his character, form superior habits, combat weaknesses, strengthen virtues, etc. ”

Samael Aun Weor

Universal Laws: To Reflect…

Human justice is subjective, since it is imparted by imperfect people. And so, as we know, mistakes can be made. On the other hand, cosmic justice is objective, its verdicts are mathematical and precise. That is why it is represented by a woman whose eyes are blindfolded and who holds a scale in her hands. However, as we have seen, there is also mercy, for those who are willing to pay their debts. But we also need to understand the causes of the reality in which we find ourselves. To do this, we may ask ourselves:

What do I long for? Or,  what do I want in my life?

Maybe we long for love, to have someone who loves us. But have we given love? Are we giving it now?

Maybe we would have wanted to be born in a loving home, full of beauty. But is that what we give to our children? Do we seek beauty and well-being for our fellow men?

We suffer because we have been abandoned, because we are criticized, mistreated by others….

But … have we never criticized anyone? Have we never mistreated anyone?

If we want to change the state we are currently in, we need to be honest with ourselves, examine ourselves; and eliminate the problem by eliminating its cause.

We need to realize that many times we demand what we do not give. It is time to change that, to modify the cause, so that the effect is also modified.

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