AL HALLAJ the Great Master Sufi
AL HALLAJ the Great Master Sufi
15 July, 2020
The Secret to Happiness
The Secret to Happiness
27 August, 2020

Healing through natural medicine

“You, who want to help others and yourself to be healthy, don’t forget that you only have to open your heart and let all the magic and inspiration that lies there spring forth.  By doing this, your Being will guide you, for authentic medicine is a gift from God”.

Olivo Cardenas Quintero

 In the times in which we live, there is a need to remember what health and illness are, and to truly understand what role medicine plays in our lives.

Since ancient times, authentic wisdom has taught us that illness goes hand in hand with wrong behavior; thus, it is a product of the egos and the great emotional discharges that they cause.

Among the causes of disease are: stress, which emerged in the last century, contaminated water in the form of soft drinks, sodas and artificially sweetened drinks; air polluted by fumes from cars and industrial exhausts; and different types of noise, such as loud music, car horns and others.

“Health is not everything; but everything else, without it, is nothing.” Arthur Schopenhauer.


Natural Medicine is the art inspired by Mother Nature; that is, plants and their secrets. Olivo Cárdenas Quintero explains that “in each individual there is a vital energy, a divine essence, an Internal Being or Supreme Power”. That divine Essence, when in harmony, preserves physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health.

We can affirm that Natural Medicine uses therapeutic methods that are worth applying in daily life, to achieve longevity.


In summary, the form of treatment used by natural medicine is based on three processes, namely 

    1. Detoxification;
    2. Regeneration;
    3. Immunization.


Detoxification consists of removing all harmful substances from our physical body, completely cleansing our organs, tissues and elimination channels (liver channel, kidney channel, intestinal channel, lung channel and skin).


After detoxification, it is important to restore, reconstruct and restore cell and organ tissues. The main techniques used by the Gnostic Medicine for the regeneration are the following: diet therapy, good nutrition, good breathing and the correct use of the sexual energy.


It is extremely important to strengthen our immune system; after all, a strong immune system protects us from microorganisms, pathogens, bacteria and viruses that affect our body’s ability to defend itself.

All the methods put forward to implement the three processes mentioned above are natural, using medicinal plants and a close integration with Nature. Moreover, it is necessary that the sick person and the doctor have merits and values so that the Grace of God forgives us and heals us. Venerable Master Lakhsmi advises us that: “Medicine is a hope that is called a doctor and the doctor is an instrument that channels the gift of the healing of the Most Sacred Holy Spirit”.

“Health is a gift of the human being, he loses it because he does not know how to preserve it, because of his wrong behavior and because he does not know how to abide by the Laws of Nature”. Pythagoras

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