The Holy Books and the One Truth
The Holy Books and the One Truth
10 November, 2020
Music and our inner balance
Music and our inner balance
25 March, 2021

Man’s inner faculties

Just as we have the five physical senses, we also possess internal senses.  And just as the life of a huge tree lies dormant within a single seed, so the internal faculties of man lie in potential within each person.

The first sense or faculty we need to awaken is the sense of self-observation, which enables us to become aware of the here and now of each moment and of the teaching that each circumstance of life gives us. The sense of self-observation is essential for self-knowledge and is very easy to develop, since the more we observe ourselves and put this sense into practice, the more capacity for self-observation we acquire.

Anyone who observes themselves and knows themselves, knows their inner world: instincts, thoughts, feelings, etc., discovering the actual reality of themselves. When we discover our own truth, we learn to perceive the cosmic vibrations that emanate from the universe which in turn open the doors to the development of more faculties.

Energy, glands and chakras

It has been scientifically demonstrated that everything has energy and that this energy is in constant movement and transformation. Thus, our organism also processes its life energy. It is obtained from the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the impressions we receive through our five senses.

This energy is transformed in us through the wonderful glands of internal secretion that activate our body and regulate all its vital functions. The life-giving content of each gland is intimately related to the internal constitution of man, to the chakras of the astral body and its faculties. These inner faculties of man are dormant, but through conscious effort it is possible to awaken them.

The chakras and their powersThe chakras and their powers

The chakras are magnetic centres within our organism, in the astral world.   When we learn to use our energy wisely, these magnetic centres are charged and awakened to grant us innumerable benefits.

Properly magnetised chakras confer special occult powers; clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, intuition, the power to remember our past existences, omniscience, and others. However, it takes discipline and willpower to develop them, along with knowledge of the precise practices for doing so, as taught in the ancient mystery schools.

Mantrams and vocalisation

To vocalise is to put into vibration the energy of our own voice. MANTRAM means “word of power”. By vocalising mantrams it is possible to activate our chakras.

  • The frontal chakra, located between the eyebrows, is activated by vocalising the letter “I” and grants the faculty of clairvoyance.
  • The laryngeal chakra is activated by vocalising the letter “E”, giving the ability to perceive the sounds of the ultra.
  • The cardiac chakra, located in the heart, is activated by vocalising the letter “O” and confers the gift of intuition.
  • The umbilical chakra located in the solar plexus is activated by vocalising the letter “U” and allows us to develop telepathy.
  • The lung chakra is activated by vocalising the letter “A”, and confers the memory of previous existences.

“If you truly wish to develop your powers, don’t become tired, you have to be tenacious, very tenacious. Without tenacity (…) it is utterly impossible to achieve the awakening of the higher faculties of the soul.”

Samael Aun Weor, The Power of the Mantram.

In short, we all possess within us, marvellous and innumerable dormant faculties. Through our own willpower and a continuity of purpose, we can awaken and develop them, taking advantage of their myriad benefits in our daily lives.

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