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1 April, 2020
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3 April, 2020

Power is in The Cross

The Cross is in no way just a conventional symbol; it represents an unchanging law which governs all phenomena; all of nature’s manifestations, without exception.

There is not a single person that can find something, whether by philosophical, rational or scientifical means, that does not depend on the power of the Cross. Therefore, once again, we can emphatically affirm that power is in The Cross, and that The Cross is the power of the universe working to construct atoms, molecules, cells, organs, organisms, worlds and systems of worlds.

Just as in intellectual endeavours, that which creates new states of consciousness is the crossing of ideas; in moral or sensitive endeavours, The Cross is the power behind all of the wonderful feelings that bring nobility and dignity to the soul.

  • When a musical melody crosses the auditory field of those psychophysical beings who listen to it, the result is a delightful blossoming of sensitivity in the soul. Thus inner harmony comes from the beautiful crossing of sounds.
  • When the sense of sight crosses a natural beauty, such as a flower, or a beautiful woman, feelings of divine inspiration appear in the soul, allowing the consciousness to discover tiny sources of perfection, which are found in the harmony of forms.
  • When thought crosses feeling, the human being not only finds himself in perfect harmony, but with the ability to successfully accomplish the work he is undertaking.
  • The harmony within the workings of a system of worlds depends on the exact magnetic point (which makes the shape of a cross, or where they cross) where the centrifugal and centripetal forces are balanced. In this way, the power that sustains worlds lies in the magnetic crossing of spaces.
  • A masculine cell, called a zoosperm, crosses a feminine cell which is called an ovum. From this Cross the human body is created. In this way, the human is the result of The Cross formed by the masculine zoosperm and the feminine ovum.

“One must learn to think as a philosopher and feel as an artist”. When the elevated thought of the philosopher and the divine sensitivity of the artist are brought together, a magic enchantment within the Superhuman’s soul is ignited. 

This Cross of thought and feeling, in perfect concordance and harmony, is what allows the mystical, spiritual side of human existence to develop.” Samael Aun Weor

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