Power is in The Cross
Power is in The Cross
3 April, 2020
Knowledge beyond intellect EN
Knowledge beyond the intellect
13 April, 2020

Three Principles for Understanding Easter

The ancient cultures of our world have explained the universe’s creation and its workings through various Myths that are lost in the night of the centuries. However, beyond distance and time, all of these stories share the same essence, because every one of them emanates from the Great Cosmic Universal Religion. And its principles are expressed across the face of the planet in a variety of ways, in different places, at different times.

In our times,, the story of Jesus of Nazareth is the one that explains to us the path that a human being can take to become free, in the most complete sense of the word. Let us look at the principles contained in the life story of this Great Being: three principles for understanding Easter.


First principle: The Christ


“The Christ is not merely a historic character; it is a force that is beyond the personality, the ego and the individual. It is a force, just like electricity, like magnetism; a power, a great universal cosmic agent.” Samuel Aun Weor

The Christ is not an individual, divine or human, but a force: a universal, impersonal, cosmic principle. This cosmic force is embodied by a human being that has prepared for it, by means of a conscious effort, beginning with their own life energies. This is a principle contained in all the religions that have ever existed.

 “Among the Persians, Christ is Ormuz, Ahura-Mazda, Ahriman’s great enemy (Satan) that we carry within. Among the Hindus, Christ is Krishna, and Krishna’s Gospel is very similar to that of Jesus of Nazareth. Among the Egyptians, Christ is Osiris, and every person that incarnated it was in fact an Osirified being. Among the Chinese, Fu-Hi is the Cosmic Christ that wrote the I-Ching, the book of laws, and named dragon ministers. Among the Greeks, Christ is called Zeus, Jupiter, Father of Gods. Among the Aztecs, it is Quetzalcoatl, the Mexican Christ. Among the Germanic Eddas it is known as Balder, the Christ that was assassinated by Hoder, God of War, with a mistletoe arrow, and so on.

We could continue to cite the Cosmic Christ in thousands of ancient books and traditions that originated millions of years before the time of Jesus. All of this invites us to recognise that Christ is a Cosmic Principle contained in the fundamental principles of all religions.”  The Perfect Marriage, Samael Aun Weor


Second principle: The Mother of the Christ

Krishna's mother

The Mother of the Christ is the same individual Mother that we each have. She is Stella Maris, the Star of the Sea, that guides her son along the path leading to liberation. The Mother accompanies him unconditionally throughout the journey. She assists him in his fight to eliminate all of his negative elements in his interior so that he can conquer the path and achieve the final liberation. The Divine Mother, The Kundalini, represented by the Virgin Mary, Jesus’ mother, is part of us. She is a force, an energy. She is the feminine form of our True Self.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is Isis, Juno, Demeter, Ceres, Maya, etc., the Cosmic Mother or Kundalini that always gives birth to the Cosmic Christ.”


Third principle: The Cross

Mayan cross

The emblematic symbol of The Cross, that in the West we immediately associate with the celebration of Easter, is a universal symbol that existed in all ancient civilizations. In its silent simplicity, great mysteries are contained, waiting to be discovered.

It symbolizes the crossing that is found in all of creation. Just as with a man and woman who love each other, the cross is there in a handshake, and in a melody that crosses the one who listens to it. Ideas cross each other, as does our vision with the beauty of nature, as thought must cross with feeling within the one who wishes to achieve harmony and balance.

There is crossing in the very small, in atoms and molecules, just as there is in the macro-cosmic, in systems of worlds: “The harmony within the workings of a system of worlds depends on the exact magnetic point (which makes the shape of a cross, or where they cross) where the centrifugal and centripetal forces are balanced. In this way, the power that sustains worlds lies in the magnetic crossing of spaces.” Samuel Aun Weor

Furthermore, our flat, horizontal life crosses with a vertical path that allows us to ascend spiritually.

A Message for the Conscience

These three principles may help us to understand that wisdom is within reach of anyone that wishes to obtain it for themselves, and that the stories of ancient mythological heroes contain a message for our conscience. However, it is not a matter of intellectual study, nor is it a matter of cultivating beliefs or having good intentions. It is a matter of beginning a journey towards our interior by means of real practices. These practices will lead us to discovering our own reality so that we can make a change. A change that will lead us to harmony, peace and balance.

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