Semana Santa
Three Principles for Understanding Easter
3 April, 2020
The personality before and after life
The personality before and after life
18 April, 2020

Knowledge beyond the intellect

If you were asked: What is knowledge? What would you answer be?
Maybe some words would cross your mind, such as:  school, studying, thinking, books, university, concepts, theories, science, reason, intellect, etc.
 Those words and many others that come to the mind, from the reasoning, immediately want to explain everything with their thoughts and concepts. And since we are used to occupy the intellect as the only tool of knowledge, this imposes itself and dulls any other type of approaching to reality. The result of this is the increasingly impoverishment of the ability to know.

So, also the domain of the intellect in our current society makes us to believe many times that if we read a few books, for example, about plants, that makes us aware of them, even though we have perhaps sown a few times or even never.

And similarly “we study” many things: the planets, the evolution of human beings, life’s animals, etc. In this way we accumulate hundreds of theories and concepts in the memory. Therefore, before any question, there is a “seeker”  in the mind that finds the  “learned” answer. And then we “repeat” a concept, words about a phenomenon that we do not know about. Because we have never seen it, because we have never experienced it, because we have never felt it.

And what about if the one who wrote it was wrong? And what about if he was crazy? And if he only said what first came to his mind?
What are we repeating then?
What do we know?

True Knowledge

El conocimiento

Gnosis is a word that comes from Greek and means Knowledge. But true knowledge is something very different from what postmodern society has taught us.
In order to capture the deep meaning of this term, all the cognitive abilities of man must be put into play. Capacities that are innate, but that common people do not use and therefore have deteriorated: “organ that is not used, atrophies.”

These latent capacities can be developed and regenerated through means of precise techniques that were taught in the old colleges of Initiates. And that today are also at our reach. At the reach of those who look for them. Through these faculties it is possible to reach the direct knowledge, to that which no one can transmit because it is necessary to live it.

“Gnosis is the doctrine Synthesis that gave origin to all the philosophical, scientific, religious, artistic, esoteric, psychological and cultural movements and currents.” Samael Aun Weor

In summary, Gnosis is the perennial and universal knowledge apprehensive through the faculties of cognition of the Being. Gnosis, knowledge, wisdom, exists in all the creation and because man is a micro cosmos is also found in his internal universe. But this knowledge is only revealed to those who dare to tear the veil of mystery to reach the truth. Before those who undertake the most extraordinary journey, towards their inner world

“Man, know yourself and you will know the universe and the Gods.” Oracle of Delphi

What is knowledge? Well, find out for yourself. What is Gnosis? Well, live it yourself. Since otherwise it stops being Gnosis to be just one more theory.

“Every theory is gray, and it is only green, the tree of golden fruits that is life”

Gnosis is the synthesis of universal knowledge, subscribe to our self-knowledge course and learn more about these topics.

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