8 May, 2020
Meditation is a path to the light
Meditation is a path to the light
16 May, 2020

 Elemental Magic of Nature – The Mastery of Inner Nature

When entering the kingdom of the elemental magic of nature, we must first recognise that in accordance with the hermetic principle of correspondence:

“As above, so below”, “As it is outside, so it is inside”.

We, as creatures made of nature itself, are not external to it, but yes, we are all part of the same gigantic body of this Blessed Mother Goddess.  Therefore, Nature is not merely external to us, but it penetrates and interpenetrates us profoundly.

The same elements that form the external nature are also the trainers of our internal nature, both biological and psychological.  Therefore, earth, water, air and fire constantly create and influence our internal nature.

Man is the fifth element, the etheric principle, the consciousness behind the merely instinctive and mechanical nature.  Therefore, if we want to exercise the divine inheritance given to man to be the King of Nature, we must first stop being simply rational animals and dominate our inferior nature so that the higher one may flourish.

How do we dominate the atomic elementals of our inner nature

How do we dominate the atomic elementals of our inner nature?

Never will a fickle and capricious person rule the Sylphs of nature.  Never will a lazy, cold and fickle man be the absolute master of the Undines of the waters or the Nereids of the seas..

Anger irritates the salamanders of the fire and lustful one becomes a toy for the gnomes or pygmies of the mineral kingdom to be played with however they like..

We have to be agile and active like the Sylphs, flexible and adaptable like the Undines and Nereids.  Energetic and strong like the salamanders, hardworking and patient like the gnomes and pygmies.  In a word, it is urgent, indispensable, to overcome the internal elementals with strength, and never allow ourselves to be dominated by weakness.

When the magician has died totally in himself, all of nature will obey him.

How could we command the elementals of nature if we do not learn to govern the atomic elementals of our own organism?

The atomic salamanders which are found in the blood and in sex burn frightfully with our animal passions.  The atomic sylphs of our own vital air, used by the mechanical imagination (do not confuse this with objective conscious imagination), play with our lascivious and perverse thoughts.

The atomic undines of the sacred sperm always give rise to terrible sexual storms.  The atomic gnomes of the flesh and bones enjoy laziness, gluttony and concupiscence.

It is urgent to know how to exorcise, order and subdue the atomic elementals of our own body.

Each plant is the physical body of an elemental of the plant kingdom. Each tree, each herb, however insignificant it may be, has its own particular elemental.  This does not mean that the elementals of plants and trees live constantly in their immobile body; this would be absurd and unjust.  The vegetable elementals are free to enter and leave their bodies at will.

Normally, elemental creatures in the plant kingdom are classified into families.  One is the orange family, another is the mint family, another is the pine family, etc., etc., etc.  Each family has its own temple in Eden, in the fourth dimension.

To master our own inner nature we need to know ourselves deeply. We need to explore ourselves, observe our actions, thoughts and emotions in detail.  In order to become true Kings of Nature, we need to master our inner nature and consequently external nature.

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