The personality before and after life
The personality before and after life
18 April, 2020
Divinity in Nature
Divinity in Nature
3 May, 2020

True Magic

In today’s world, we generally view magic as entertainment; we confuse magic with tricks or illusions that a “magician” does. We know that these tricks deceive our senses, but we accept them, since we see them as a bit of fun, a game, something to while away the time. This concept we have throws up a great paradox, because magic is just the opposite of illusion, it involves opening our eyes to see beyond what we commonly see. True magic is an art inherent to the human being, to his own true nature.

The exercise of magic involves sharpening the physical senses and awakening dormant internal faculties to live and to intensely feel the phenomena that belong to nature. The calling of the Human Being is to be the King of Nature, to govern it. But only by being able to dominate our own inner nature can we he dominate the outer nature. 

“Magic is the art of consciously influencing the phenomena of nature acting from the inner world. Superior Logic and Objective Science are the foundations of magic.

It is sad to see how this Ars Magna has been so desecrated and discredited in recent centuries, that today everything that is associated with this word (magic), has nothing to do with its true purpose and meaning.

The Magic of the ancient hermetic philosophers was always a legitimate right of the conscious man. ” Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, you will be given all you need.” The “need” refers to all the powers and gifts that the Eternal Common Cosmic Father grants to his perfect children. “

Samael Aun Weor

The magician

The magician

A magician is a man or a woman who exercises magic, and who knows true magic. That which exists by itself in nature, in the cosmos, and in the micro cosmos, man. This magician needs a special preparation, so that within him the true magician, who is the Real Being of each one of us, expresses himself.

In the depths of ourselves, our Real Being awaits the moment where we rid ourselves of all that is illusory, of the defects, selfishness, evils. In order to re-emerge, like the phoenix bird of ancient times, and become even more powerful than before.

The path to reach this great goal is the path of self-knowledge. We need to truly see ourselves in order to remove everything we have that is ‘extra’, just as Michelangelo removed all that was ‘extra’ from the block of marble in order to create a work of art. Thus, it is necessary to remove everything negative from us, which weighs us down and causes us pain, so that our Real Being can act through us.

“In the Gospels we find numerous passages about the science of magic: Are not the deeds of Moses the work of a great Magician …? And Jesus walking on the waters …? And the multiplication of the loaves and fishes…? And the resurrection of Lazarus …? In short, in his progress towards knowledge, the Magician understands the laws that govern the universal order and the micro-cosmos, man; like a scientist of Most High he works in the laboratory of Nature, always according to the Great Divine Law …

… The first lesson of the Path consists in understanding that the authentic magician is the Intimate that dwells in secret in the depths of our Being. Only He has all the powers of wonder. Silence is the magician’s armor; humility his great virtue. ”

Samael Aun Weor

Dare to discover the true magic that exists in you. Begin to know yourself so that one day the Magician, your true Self,

will emerge with momentum.

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