The Magician’s Preparation
The Magician’s Preparation
19 May, 2020
24 May, 2020

Astral Unfolding

Interview with the Author Samael Aun Veor

What is the unfolding?

 The unfolding is extremely simple and easy, it is a natural phenomenon like eating or drinking, etc, etc. It is clear that when the physical body is falling asleep, the soul leaves the body and travels everywhere. When the soul returns and re-enters the body, we often remember the places where we went, the people we spoke to, etc. We call these dreams; whereas it is really the unfolding.

Can this only be done in dreams or also at will?

In any case, sleep is necessary to be able to unfold, even at will

Isn’t Unfolding dangerous?

It seems to me that becoming conscious of our own natural phenomena can never be dangerous; one must become conscious of the food that we eat and what we drink, of our state of health and also of the process of the unfolding that happens in all living creatures.

Explain to me the technique to be able to unfold myself. I would like to go to Paris at will.

That which you always do involuntarily, unconsciously; learn to do it voluntarily and consciously. You always had unfolded; in the moment of falling asleep all souls leave the body, but unfortunately unconsciously. You can do the same thing but in a conscious and voluntary way. I repeat; when you feel that state of looseness that comes with sleep, when you begin to doze, imagine yourself as a subtle, vaporous ghost going out of your body. Understand that you are not the body; understand that you are a soul and rise from your bed gently, delicately as souls rise.

What I am telling you, translate into concrete facts.  It’s not something to think about but to do! Once you get up, give a little jump while in your own bedroom with the firm intention of floating in the space.  Thus it is clear that if you float it is because you is already outside the physical body. Then you can leave your room and float in space. You can go to Paris, London or anywhere you want. But if you don’t float it is because you have got up from the bed, with your physical body, so get back into bed and repeat the experiment.

When we  float, does the physical body remain in the bed?

In this specific case you must understand that your body has remained in bed and that you are outside of the body and away from the bed

When you feel you are floating, should you think of travelling to a certain place?

I want you to understand that is not about thinking, but doing, which is different. For example, I see you sitting in that chair, but if you think that you are going to get up from that chair and go to the street but do not act, it is clear that you will remain sitting in the chair. Action is what is needed: Have you understood me?

Astral Unfolding

Can you tell me a specific case of unfolding at will?

With great pleasure, distinguished lady, I am going to tell you a personal case. I want to tell you about my first unfolding. I was still very young when I resolved to unfold at will. I clearly remember that I paid a lot of attention to the sleep process and when I felt myself dozing in that  transitional state that exists between waking and  sleeping, I acted intelligently.

I did not start thinking that I was going to unfold, because it is obvious that I would have been thinking and would not have carried out the desired experiment. I repeat: I acted, rose gently from my own bed, and in so doing, produced a very natural separation between soul and body. The soul was out and the body was asleep in bed.

I went out of my house to the street spontaneously and clearly, and then I walked down a lonely street. Stopping at the next corner, I reflected for a moment on where I should go; I resolved to go to Europe.

It is obvious that I had to travel above the waters of the Atlantic floating wonderfully in the luminous space; I felt filled with an inconceivable happiness for human beings and finally I arrived in the city of Paris (…)

(…) I passed above some big walls and then I went down a highway, along a snaking, curved path, until I arrived at a wonderful Temple. In front of such a Sanctuary I saw many souls of different nationalities; People who, during the hours of sleep escaped from their dense body to come here.

All those people were gathered in different groups, talking among themselves; they spoke of the Cosmos, of the laws, of reincarnations and Karma, of the mysteries of life and death, etc.

I searched among those groups for a certain friend, who was skilful in the unfolding, but did not find him. Then I approached the threshold of the Temple and saw an exquisite garden with delicious flowers that exhaled a heady perfume; in the background the silhouette of a splendid Temple illuminated by the splendors of the stars stood out; I wanted to enter, but the guardian intervened saying to me: “This is the Temple of wisdom; withdraw, it is not yet time.”

Obeying the order, I withdrew to a certain distance without going too far from the threshold. Then I looked at myself; I looked at my spiritual hands and feet and even gave myself the luxury of comparing them with the hands and feet of that body of flesh and blood that there, in Latin America, in the sacred land of the Aztecs, I had left sleeping in bed.

It is evident that all these comparisons resulted in the instantaneous return to my physical, material vehicle that was deeply asleep, snoring in bed. Then I woke up with a start, saying: “I was in the Temple of Wisdom; what joy, what happiness.”

Even today I cannot forget that light, so white, so immaculate that shone in that Sanctuary. Certainly, that light did not resemble any physical lamp; It came from everywhere and did not cast shade of any kind.

Can we travel to any place, even if we don’t know it?

I went to that Divine Temple and yet I did not know it, it was, let’s say,a “superior telepathic sense” that took me there. I could say that my own Spirit guided me.

When you do the unfolding at will, can you remember when you wake up where you went?

It is clear that if you do not remember it is because it has not been unfolded at will. Well, it seems impossible to me that a person who unfolds at will, who leaves the body intentionally, consciously, is not able to remember what he saw outside his body. For example, when you leave your home for the office and then return from the office to your home, do you remember what you saw in the office? The job you did, the orders from your boss?

Yes, I remember everything I did in the office when I return home.

Well this is the same case; remember that your physical body is a house of flesh and bone. If you leave this house at will you will see many things and if you return voluntarily, it is also obvious that you will remember everything you saw and heard.

The Reality of Astral Travel

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