Astral Unfolding
Astral Unfolding
20 May, 2020
Inspired Knowledge
Inspired Knowledge
25 May, 2020


The scientific MEDITATION has ten basic fundamental rules, without them it would be impossible to emancipate, to be free from the mortifying grids of the MIND.

I st RULE. To be fully aware of the state of mind in which we are found before any thought arises.

2nd RULE. PSYCHO-ANALISIS: To find, to enquire, to investigate the root, the origins of every thought, memory, affection, emotion, sentiment, resentment, etc., as they come to the MIND.

3rd RULE. TO OBSERVE WITH SERENITY our own MIND, to place full attention to every mental shape that shows up in the screen of the intellect.

4th RULE. To try to remember, to recall this “FEELING OF CONTEMPLATION” moment to moment during the common curse of daily life.

5th RULE. The intellect must assume a receptive psychological state, . COMPLETE, whole, easy, deep.

6th RULE. There must exist continuous purpose on the meditation technique, tenacity, firmness, CONSTANCE, willingness.

7th RULE. It is very nice, interesting, to assist as much as possible to the Halls of MEDITATION (Gnostic Studies Center).

8th RULE. It’s mandatory, urgent, necessary to become vigilants of our own MINDS, during any agitated, revolting event, to stop, if only for an instant to observe it.

9th RULE. It’s very important, necessary, to always practice with our eyes closed, so as to avoid any external perception.

10th RULE. Absolute Relaxation of the body and the wise combination of sleepiness and Meditation.

Source: Esoteric Treaty of Runic Magic.

Samael Aun Weor.

Meditation is a path to the light

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