10 Rules for a Peaceful Life
10 Rules for a Peaceful Life
17 June, 2020
Wisdom through mental silence
Wisdom through mental silence
5 July, 2020

Returning to Nature

Through society and the upbringing that many of us have had, we have been led to believe that cities, with their dense populations, their focus on consumerism and latest technology, represent human progress.

This ingrained perception prevents us from considering alternative ways of living, to explore the reality of Life. Let’s ask ourselves:

Are people living in cities happier than those living off the Land?

Do we really find harmony, peace and happiness through moving to a city?

What would our lives be like if we returned to Nature?

Returning to our origins, to find Life’s Purpose

Returning to our origins, to find Life’s PurposeHumanity is part of Mother Nature in the same way as plants, animals, earth, water. As a mother, she provides all of her creations with everything they need to live.

However, throughout history, Humanity has been gradually moving further away from it’s origins, from the heart of Mother Nature. Hidden deep within us from past times we still carry the knowlege of Life which is shared with all creation.

People are searching for this knowledge, this treasure, but have lost their way and search outside of themselves. They believe that it will be found by accumulating material posessions, through fleeting pleasures or in intellectual theories.

To find what we are looking for, we need to return to Nature. Initially, we will discover inspiration, harmony and peace. Through resonating with Nature we will then awaken the knowledge contained within us. This will take us on the path to spriritual and material progress.

This return to Nature allows us to advance both physically and spiritually, but it can be seen by some as regression. If people led a simpler life as in the past, integrated with all the wonders of Nature, they would discover the mysteries of Life and find a source of constant inspiration.

The science of Agroculture invites us to return to the heart of Mother Nature, to discover our origin by living more naturally, free from the corrupting influences of modern society.

What happens when we return to Mother Nature?

What happens when we return to Mother Nature?We start to integrate with Nature, developing a sensitivity to her vibrations. This gradually awakens our inner senses, so that we become a conscious part of the miracle that is Life.

We are reborn when we feel connected to Life in this way and understand the joy of Creation. Through Mother Nature one can awaken consciousness and recover wisdom.

When we work in harmony with external Nature as well as with our internal Nature, we lose our attachments, ambitions and reliance on Life’s systems. In this way, we are received like a child returning to their mother, the prodigal son who left the heart of Mother Nature. In return, she gifts us with the grace to perceive the real purpose of our life.

This return is a process which involves awakening the physical and internal senses to experience the magic of the countryside. We begin to live a balanced and practical life in harmony with Nature.

Man must return to being a magician, a King of Nature, conscious of the science that governs him as a human and his role in creation. When we are consciously connected to all Life, we can then live our life to the full.

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