What is my psychological song?
What is my psychological song?
10 June, 2020
Returning to Nature
Returning to Nature
24 June, 2020

10 Rules for a Peaceful Life

Today, if we look around us, we see that we are living in a time where ethical and moral values have been abandoned. It is easy to see that the systems that make up society are also breaking down, particularly the political and religious systems.

Our environment, our society is in a bad way. But if we yearn for a solution, we need to understand that this will not come by trying to change others. Rather, we need to seek to improve our own human condition.

Here are 10 golden rules that can help you begin that path of change in your own environment. But the process begins with yourself, changing your inner self, so that this change is then reflected externally.

“Thus, you will learn that everything in life is transient and that the only true thing within you is the Work that you manage to do”. V. M. Lakhsmi.


Actually, though this may sound surprising, we do not comprehend what true LOVE is, nor do we really understand what it is to be in love.  To begin to understand, we should ask ourselves some questions: Am I really in love? Is it possible that I can demonstrate it to this person with facts? Could I be deceived by a false emotion? Is it possible that I could feel the same way about another person? Would I be willing to give my life for this person?

“Don’t commit yourself if you’re not in love.” V.M. Lakhsmi.


Comprehension is an expression of the Consciousness that enables us to move forward in all the many dramas of life. It helps us to have the courage to see things as they are. The wise neither accept nor reject, but comprehend.


Being responsible means ensuring that we are fully accountable for our obligations. It means fulfilling the role that corresponds to us, as a man, as a woman, as a citizen.


Culture is an expression of the soul, of the beauty within us. Culture is a quality that every person must develop in his life. It is related to the expression of beauty and goodness as principles in all areas of life. It includes good reading, harmonious music, a job well done, good manners, natural perfumes, gardens, harmony in the home and everything that inspires love and respect for life.


Charity is of our soul; it is a gift that Divinity grants to enable us to be of service to the world. A person without charity is empty, without love in his heart. We should feel happiness for the success of others and be able to contribute to this success. We should know how to empathise with the pain of others and to want to do something to alleviate it. But out of love, not as an obligation.


We should become organised so that everything has its place. Disorganisation brings disorder, and that disorder causes people to become disharmonious. Organisation is not only related to a place, but also to our personal appearance, behaviour and all aspects of our lives.


Happiness is a virtue, demonstrating a cheerful and enterprising soul. It is also a very powerful weapon for overcoming the sorrow and bitterness that surround us and our fellow men. We must be joyful at dawn, at dusk, and during contemplation; in short, we must be happy in every situation, however difficult and challenging it may be.


Will power should be present in all the activities of our life. It is a spiritual force, and we must exercise it every day in life’s circumstances, so that it can express itself more strongly. Will power enables us to achieve all the goals we set for ourselves, because nothing in the world is handed to us as a gift.


What can we say about sincerity? It is a lotus flower of the Soul. A sincere person gains the love, affection, and appreciation of those around him. Sincerity teaches us to always tell the truth, it separates us from lies, it distances us from betrayal, it removes any vagueness from within us.


“Mysticism is the physical and spiritual expression of a genuine Love of GOD”. V. M Lakhsmi.

Mysticism helps us to understand many things. Among these, it teaches us how to love, how to respect, how to pray, how to speak and how to behave with our fellow men. Besides these, mysticism exalts the word of the one who pronounces it. That is to say, a person with mysticism conveys in his look, in his behaviour and in his words, the nature of his internal reality: Peace.

Dear reader, we hope that the rules described in this article can be of help to you on your journey and contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious life.

“Life is made up of details and success or failure depends on those details”. V. M. Lakhsmi


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