True Magic
True Magic
1 May, 2020
The Reality of Astral Travel
The Reality of Astral Travel
4 May, 2020


Life, as a divine emanation, is deposited everywhere, ready to germinate and collaborate with nature’s elements and processes of evolution. It is scientifically proven that those things we refer to as being dead, any type of organic matter or bodies, whether human, animal or plant, are organisms that, after death, undergo decomposition and disintegration, releasing the energy that  made that organism. Nature is so bountiful that it doesn’t leave any space on earth that isn’t occupied by some type of life or organism, to meet the needs of the epidermis of our planet.We need to know and understand that God and nature need the four elements to fulfill this enormous mission of giving life.Everyone knows these elements that move on and in the Earth, and that also exist within each one of us, fulfilling the immense task of stabilizing the different manifestations of God-Life.

Element EarthElement Earth

This matter can be scientifically measured in volume, weight, substance, and vibration. It is possible to analyse the quantity and capacity of nutrients that it has and to detect any deficiencies: this is the work of the farmer, who wants to plant certain agricultural crops  in the soil and, of course, to obtain a good harvest.Nature has already carried out such a study and places in acid soils, for example, a certain type of vegetation; in soils that lack calcium, nitrogen or phosphorous, a vegetation that can adapt to this type of terrain, and so on. Humans modify the land with artificial methods, so that they are suitable for what we want to plant there.

Element WaterElement Water

We can extract great  quantities of water from a river, by means of pumps or other devices, to irrigate our crops, for aqueducts, even the river bed can be changed. Life is known to have emerged from the waters; there are some texts that illustrate this. Sacred Scripture says that in the beginning the world was covered with water and darkness: it was then that the Creator ordered the waters to separate from the waters, forming the seas, rivers and streams. If water is so important for organic life and, as we have already said, life emerged from water, it is also true that the same thing happens in the WORK that each one of us is doing.

Element AirElement Air

A phenomenon occurs in navigation that sailors know very well: when traveling in a sailing boat, heading south, but with the wind blowing towards the north, they have to manage the sails, to take advantage of their strength in the opposite direction. This shows us that we can take advantage of the strengths of this element for our benefit. In air navigation the same thing happens, we see how the air can carry an enormous airplane of two or three hundred tons, designing the craft to make use of the element in which it moves.

Element FireElement Fire

We can observe that on a candle,however small, burns a flame of a constant size; if we compare this flame with the fire that moves a locomotive or a thermoelectric plant, we find that it is the same fire.



The inner Nature

Dear reader, have you ever stopped to wonder what is hidden within these four elements of nature? Occultists know that the energy or vibration contained in them is called God. That elaborate and generate this energy. In the water, these elemental creatures are called Undines and Nereids; in the Air, Sylphs and Sylphides; in the fire, salamanders of the fire. As we have already said, man can develop systems to use these elements to meet his various needs. You only need to accurately measure the quantity or volume of the element you are going to use. For example, the light of a candle does not move an engine, the air that moves a fan does not run a boat. The water we have in a bathtub cannot be used to run a hydroelectric turbine.The potential of the land on which we sow a single seed can’t be compared with that of a hectare of the same land.


The human being can make wise use of these elements that we have within us, and that correspond to the following order: 

  • Physical Body, Element Earth: If we can resolve the deficiencies of this vehicle through the substances, salts and minerals that are found in the spermatozoa, we see that, just as when we supply the earth with what it lacks, we make it able to give fruit, the same thing happens with our body. These nutrients are found only in sexual energy.
  • It’s the same with the element Water, which is related to the vital body: By channeling our genetic waters, inwards and upwards, we can irrigate these sterile lands that are in us so that the seed we are sowing is fruitful.
  • Element Air, Astral Body: The same happens here. If we take ownership of what we think and what we feel (thoughts and emotions), the ship of our destiny will always have a defined goal, to travel from north to south, from west to east without the danger of being shipwrecked or ending up on rocky shores in our work.
  • Element Fire, Mental Body: The same thing happens here. This element produces in us two defined effects: either it devours us and destroys us through animal passions or purifies us through grace. The presence of God in these elements is what makes life fruitful both in external nature, as on the planet or in us.

The presence of God in these elements is what makes life fruitful both in external nature, on the planet or in us.

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