Divinity in Nature
Divinity in Nature
3 May, 2020
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Elemental-therapy: The art of healing through the Elementals of nature
7 May, 2020

The Reality of Astral Travel

Every night each one of us sets off on a journey:  astral travel. Whether we are aware of it or not, whether we remember it or not, whether we that we are able to control what happens or not, it is of secondary importance, because reality exists in itself, even we cannot perceive it. However, there are numerous techniques that can help us to experience the reality of astral travel.  We will tell you about them later.

The Astral Body

Besides the physical body we have, we are also gifted with other bodies, which have been provided to us by nature itself, one of these is the astral body. At he moment when our physical body goes to sleep, our astral body leaves it, that is to say, it unfolds and sets off on a journey through a superior dimension, which we can call astral world. When the person wakes up, the astral body quickly returns and re-enters into the physical body. And in that moment we can remember our experiences in those astral travels. There are different kinds of experiences: there are people who do not remember anything from when they were in the astral world, there are others who remember their dreams, and there are those who are even able to realize while dreaming that they are in the astral world. Those differences depend on many factors, one of them is the level of awakened consciousness that the person has.

Astral Experiences

We have all at some time had an experience that has seemed strange to us, that we have not been able to explain. Some people may have felt that, before waking up they were falling quickly through a kind of tube, others have had premonitions, and the list goes on  with the experiences each one of us may have had.  All of these have a scientific explanation, that is to say, verifiable, and they are small samples of the reality of astral travel. Generally, when a person is physically sleeping, her dreams, and when waking up, he can only remember his dream, or sometimes, as we have said, doesn’t even remember them. These dreams are simple projections of our own mind, of our thoughts, fears, emotions, instincts, that appear as experiences in the astral world. Nevertheless, there are other kinds of more conscious and useful experiences that we can achieve with practice. The person who manages to wake up in the astral plane stops dreaming and can know all the wonders of that world, which up to now have been a mystery. The astral plane is eternity, so the past and the future are as one there. Time doesn’t exist there, neither does gravity, nor matter as we know it. For that reason we can travel to any part of the universe in an instant and know the reality of all things. We can study the records of nature and see history just as it was and, likewise, the future. But for this it is necessary to practice so that we can wake up and therefore stop dreaming.

Practice for astral travel:

  • Prepare the bedroom so it is clean and tidy. If possible, perfume it with a natural essence. Place your head towards the north in order to take advantage of the earth’s natural magnetism.
  • Lie on your back, face up, with your hands over the umbilical region. Take deep breaths in order to relax your physical body. It is important to be sleepy, but not to be too tired.
  • Go to sleep focused on that state of sleepiness and pronounce the mantra FARAOM, this mantra needs to be pronounced mentally, dividing it in three syllables, prolonging the Sounds thus: Faaaaaaaaa… Raaaaaaaaaa… Oooommmm….
  • Do this Practice every night at when you go to sleep until you achieve your goal. It is important to have continuity in order to succeed.
 ‘The student must go to sleep, mentally pronouncing the mantras, when you are dozing, when you feel the lassitude of the sleep, imagine yourself as air, gaseous, feel yourself airy and subtle, forget about the weight of the physical body; think that you can fly anywhere because you don’t have any weight whatsoever, jump out of your bed without thinking about your body, feeling yourself to be a cloud, an aroma, a breeze, divine breath. It is not about a mental jump, it is urgent that all of this is translated into action, into facts. Once you are out of your body, go out of your house and go in your astral body, to anywhere you want.”  Samael Aun Weor; “The Perfect Matrimony” Astral travel Dear reader, Gnosis is knowledge. But it is not what we read or what people tell us, it is what we practice and experience, otherwise it stops being gnosis and is just one more theory. For this reason we invite you to practice this transcendental wisdom, so there is no need to believe or not believe. Because you will simply reach the truth through proving it for yourself and you will become a true scientist, a researcher of the universe and of your own microcosm. If you wish to know more practices that will help you to reach that awakening, register for our online and in person courses, which are completely free of charge.

If you want to know more practices that will help you to wake up, sign up for our completely free online course.

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