The Reality of Astral Travel
The Reality of Astral Travel
4 May, 2020
8 May, 2020

Elemental-therapy: The art of healing through the Elementals of nature

In the higher dimensions of nature there are great numbers of Elementals, which are divided into five main types: ether, fire, air, water and earth. The last four of these groups were named in medieval occultism as: Salamanders of the fire, Sylphs of the air, Undines and Nereids of the water, and Gnomes and Pygmies of the earth. These beings have thet task of carrying out the activities related to their respective elements; they are the conduits through which the divine energies function in these different environments and in each of the elements they are the living expression of the Law. The Elemental-therapy is the art of healing through the Elementals of nature

Heading each division is a great being (Deva or God), a powerful intelligence who guides all of that department of nature, governing and animating the elementals in his domain. So Agni, God of the fire, is a powerful spiritual deity related to the manifestations of fire on all planes of the universe and he governs through legions of fire elementals (Salamanders).

By knowing the nature of these elementals and using specific methods to order them, “miracles” or “magic” can be performed, which could make headlines in the newspaper. The five Gods that preside over the elements are: Indra, God of Ether, Agni, god of fire, Pavana, God of air, Varuna, God of water and Kitichi, God of earth.

In the sacred books of all ancient religions the sacred symbolism of many plants are demonstrated. It is enough to remember the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden, a terrible symbol of sexual force, in which is the redemption or condemnation of man.

Elemental Magic

Elemental Magic

The Elemental of each plant has its ritual, its mantras and its hours that are given to the doctor who knows how to command with love and impose with affection. The distinguished Master Paracelsus expressed himself in his wisdom foundation: “There are two types of knowledge, there is a science and a medical wisdom. Animal understanding belongs to animal man but understanding of the divine mysteries belongs to the spirit of God within him.

An ancient medical wisdom exists, it has its origins in the beginning of the world and it has never changed its formulas. This medical wisdom is jealously skeptics  by the Masters of Wisdom in secret places and inaccessible to the merchants of the temple. With the exact formulas of this archaic medical wisdom, all diseases can be cured, even those considered incurable.

GNOSIS is the name of this ancient medical wisdom that has never changed its formulas since the dawn of creation because they are as exact as the Pythagorean table.

Each elemental of nature represents certain powers of the blessed Mother Goddess of the World and only a true magician and doctor can learn to manage the powers of nature, enclosed in every herb, every root and every tree.

Thought is a great force, but everything is dual in Creation. Any hidden intention, if it wants to manifest itself, needs a physical instrument and the corresponding plant. Only the person who knows the secret of working with the Elementals of plants is a magician.


Elemental IntercessorElemental Intercessor

Every human being has an Intercessor or Elemental instructor, who is an autonomous part of the Being. Originally, this elemental instructor was made of the elemental substances of nature and its creator was man himself. Man created his Elemental instructor when he himself was an Elemental.

The aspirations of the Elemental Man generated his elemental instructor and created him. The Elemental Intercessor of the Gnostic physician is a master of elemental- therapy.

We must use the Elemental Intercessor, asking him to practice the elemental plant ritual and connect the plant elemental to the patient’s diseased organ. There is no doubt that the Elemental Intercessor will unite the plant elemental to the sick organ. The plant elemental should be freed only when the patient’s body has been healed. Once the patient is healed, the Elemental Intercessortis asked to release the elemental of the plant.

¨As there are millions of medicinal plants, it is clear that our readers would need to be wells of wisdom or Gurus Devas to know by heart the rites of all plants in nature. Fortunately, each human being has his elemental intercessor of nature, who has that knowledge. The Gnostic doctor invokes this intercessor, asking him to practice the elemental rite of the plant, the herb which he is going to throw into the pot, in order to connect this plant Elemental to the patient’s sick organs.

Therefore, these plant Elementals will connect through astral channels to the patient’s diseased organs, which will heal because it is not the plants that heal, but their plant Elementals. The Elemental instructor possesses the supreme wisdom of the Elemental magic of nature.”

With their help we can open the records of Mother Nature and study the deep wisdom contained in the memories of the elemental world. Each plant has its Elemental. Therefore, it is necessary to pray to the Elemental Intercessor to practice the rite of each plant. The Elemental Intercessor is our own Elemental instructor of nature.” V. M. Samael Aun Weor.

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