24 May, 2020
The hidden messages of Parsifal
The hidden messages of Parsifal
30 May, 2020

Inspired Knowledge

“Let us now study Inspiration. Inspired knowledge gives us the power to interpret the symbols of Great Nature. The interpretation of symbols is a very delicate matter. Many clairvoyants have fallen into the error of public slander by not knowing how to interpret the symbols. Symbols should be analyzed coolly without superstition, malice, distrust, pride, vanity, fanaticism, prejudice, preconceptions, hatred, envy, greed, jealousy etc.

When the “I” (of the conceptual mind) intervenes by translating, by interpreting symbols, then it alters the meaning of the secret writing, and the clairvoyant then falls into the crime that can lead him to prison. The interpretation should be tremendously analytical, highly scientific and essentially mystical. One must learn to see and interpret in the absence of the “I” of the myself.

If our words and thoughts and actions are not just, then the result appears in the internal worlds and the Law falls upon us. Law is Law. Ignorance of the Law does not preclude its fulfillment. The worst sin is ignorance. To teach the one who does not know is a work of mercy.

One must know how to interpret the symbols of Great Nature in the absolute absence of the “I”. However, one must cultivate self-criticism.

One must know how to interpret, based on the law of analogies, philosophies, on the law of correspondences and the numerical Kabalah. We recommend the book ‘Mystic Kabalah’ by Dion Fortune. That book is marvellous. You should study it.

Whoever has hatred, resentment, jealousy, envy, pride etc., will not be able to rise to the second step called inspired knowledge. When we elevate ourselves to inspired knowledge, we understand and comprehend that the accidental accumulation of objects does not exist. Really, all the phenomena of nature and all objects are found to be intimately and organically linked with each other, interdependent and mutually conditioning each other.

Really, no phenomenon of nature can be comprehended integrally if we consider it in isolation. Everything is in incessant movement, everything changes, nothing is still.

There is internal struggle in every object. The object is positive and negative at the same time. The quantitative is transformed into the qualitative. Evolution is a process of complication of energy.

Inspired knowledge allows us to know the interrelationship between everything that is, that has been and that will be. Matter is nothing but condensed energy. The infinite modifications of energy are absolutely unknown both to historical materialism and to dialectic materialism.

Energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared.

We need inspired knowledge.

Samael Aun Weor


In the heart is the cardiac chakra, which gives us the internal sense of inspiration, among other faculties.

In order to develop it, it is necessary to vocalize the mantram ‘O’ every day, while concentrating in the heart.. Inhale deeply and exhale pronouncing the vowel Ooooooooo… until the air runs out. And repeat it for one hour, while maintaining concentration.

You can start by vocalizing for a few minutes and every day you can extend the practice more and more. This will also fill us with harmony, energy and vitality.

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