Inspired Knowledge
Inspired Knowledge
25 May, 2020
Magic is in life
Magic is in life
1 June, 2020

The hidden messages of Parsifal

In the vast array of literature that have been bequeathed to humanity by its great writers, authors inspired by a superior intelligence and a superior emotion, we find a variety of valuable works. But their value lies not only in their beauty and aesthetic perfection, but also in the messages hidden between their lines. Messages that are hidden for the earthly mind, but comprehensible to the conscience, to which they are directed.

Parsifal, the supreme work of Wagner, is one of those treasures that has been left for humanity, which like others, gives a physical form to the universal wisdom. Parsifal is an inspiration of its creator, something that comes from his own interior essence, and so it is only through the attributes of our own essence that we can comprehend it. 

The hidden messages of Parsifal“The muses well know that this golden work of the great Master is something extraordinary and exceptional in the WAGNERIAN dramas. Here, the Verb of the Master flows delectably like a river of gold though the dense jungle of the sun.

What Goethe said about his second FAUST could also be said in an emphatic way about Parsifal: “I have gathered within it great mysteries and difficult problems, deciphering them will keep future generations busy.”

“Don Mario Roso de Luna, the famous Theosophical writer said:

In Parsifal, Wagner’s thought seems veiled of intent; in fact, and in order to extract the meaning of certain philosophical allusions, where we are able, we have to work hard through divination and mental concentration, because in that work, like in a nightmare, we find confused many diverse elements: high questions of philosophy, biblical and oriental memories, mysticism, orthodoxy, vestiges of Catholic worship, pagan rituals, necromancy, somnambulism and hypnotism, practices of medieval chivalry, ecstasy, asceticism, piety, redemption, affinities of a  material nature with the human soul, love at its clumsiest, love at its purest…”

“In Wagner’s Parsifal exists science, philosophy, art and religion… a New Doctor Faust, this great musician seems to have scrutinized very ancient religious scriptures… What amazes me the most is something tremendous… I want to refer emphatically to INNATE MAGIC: Where did he get it? Who taught it to him? In what school did he learn it?”

“PARSIFAL was presented in all the best theatres in Europe, precisely on the first of January 1914, and this invites us to meditate”.

“Only because of the outbreak of the First World War and the simultaneous premiere of Parsifal in the world of culture, the year 1914 will be memorable in the splendor of humanity”.

“1914, a mysterious  coming together … PARSIFAL and the FIRST WORLD WAR. It is indubitable that the WAGNERIAN Gospel resounds in the battlefields, it is catastrophic, terrible, it shines gloriously within the tempest of all exclusiveness.”

Samael Aun Weor

True art is an expression of universal wisdom

Wisdom, universal knowledge, exists in itself, and therefore it is inevitable that it will express itself in different forms on the face of the earth. Knowledge is expressed, as in this case, in Wagner’s great Parsifal, and it has also been expressed in great literary works, paintings, music, sculptures, architecture of all times. But this wisdom, this knowledge and above all this inspiration is in ourselves and around us, in a flower, in the warm red sun we sometimes see in the afternoon, in the tender hands of a mother, as well as in the sacrifice of a father, who for love, from a sense of conscience, works for his children.

Let us look for that inspiration in our lives and in true works of art, from truly inspired authors. And let us look for wisdom, peace, and well-being within ourselves. Because if we do not find it there, it is not possible that anyone else can give it to us.

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