The hidden messages of Parsifal
The hidden messages of Parsifal
30 May, 2020
The Elements in Our Inner Universe
The Elements in Our Inner Universe
4 June, 2020

Magic is in life

Sorcery, enchantment, sympathies, magic potions, poison, curses, black magic, pin-dolls, love spells, cunning arts of witchcraft, flying broomsticks … The image we have of the magician is full of supernatural icons like this. However, magic is closer to us than many might think. Because life itself is magic.

Some people are caught between fascination and fear in the face of what they find wondrous. Others, skeptics, laugh and ridicule it because they don’t understand it. But universal wisdom sees magic from a very different, natural and scientific perspective. Because authentic magic exists in all of creation. And it is by the work of magic that the universe exists.

The vastness of the land is magic. Its silence is pure magic.           

The aroma that the rose exhales is magic.

The song of a cricket is magical.

The vastness of the countryside is magical. Its silence is pure magic.

“All the elemental magic of the ancient Hierophants sparkles ardently within the sacred Chalice of the flowers, and within the very entrails of the august trees of great Nature. Samael Aun Weor; Igneous Rose.

However, the question is. What is true magic?

What is true magic?

The art of Magic in our lives

The poet Novalis defines magic as “the art of consciously influencing the inner worlds.” In fact, a word that blesses and brings a dejected and devastated person out of that state of sadness is a magical act.

Knowing how to be inspired in the morning and create a favorable mood to face the day’s adversities is an act of practical magic

Maintaining harmony, peace, and self-control when everything seems to be falling apart requires magical skill.

Forging love in the heart of a couple is a task that requires a lot of magic.

Magic is that “something else” of a person that they bring to what they do, and as a result, they create an aura of enchantment in themselves and in those around them. Everything in life can be done in a magical way and generate wonderful results. A person could not walk a spiritual path without being an expert in practical magic.

Nevertheless, practical magic involves science, that is, knowledge of the natural laws that govern magic phenomena. Similarly, it requires esoteric preparation, without which we could not consciously use this creative energy. That magical potential that gives us the power to work magic.

“We must search for the ancient wisdom of the Hierophants of Egypt and Greece, among the ancient rocks that defy time, and within the subterranean caverns of the depths of the earth, where the blazing fire sparks, burning the slag with its flames. Samael Aun Weor; Igneous Rose.

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