AL HALLAJ the Great Master Sufi

In all the cultures and religious forms of the world there have been great men and women who, through work on themselves, achieved union with their Real Being, that divine principle that dwells within each person. And in this way they attained authentic wisdom and sanctity.

And that resplendent life, that light, cannot remain inactive once it wakes up. That’s why those human beings were the great Prophets and Masters of humanity, who dedicated their lives to teaching, so that each individual may find the path to his own Being.

A Revolutionary Master

“(…) AL HALLAJ, was born in the country now known as Iran, in the year 857 and was the grandson of a devotee of the Great Master Zoroaster.

AL HALLAJ was initiated into the Great Mysteries of SUFISM. Arab tradition tells us that, by the time he was forty years old, he was in open disagreement with the jurists and orthodox traditionalists, and would go out into the streets to preach the sublime principles of spiritual life directly to the people.

It is written that AL HALLAJ, the Great Sufi Master, taught through his word and his exemplary life, traveling tirelessly through Iran, India, Turkistan, etc., reaching the very borders of old China.

The Great Master AL HALLAJ was without any doubt, a tremendous Revolutionary. The jealous and envious politicians accused him of being a dangerous agitator. The Doctors of the Law accused him of confusing the human and the divine. Even the Masters of SUFISM had no hesitation in accusing him of breaking the discipline of the ARCANUM by divulging these esoteric mysteries to the people. And, as is normal in these cases, there was no lack of judges willing to condemn him for his many supposed crimes. Such as that of a being a phony, an impostor, a black magician, sorcerer, witch, profaner of the mysteries, troublemaker of the people, ignorant preacher, enemy of the government, etc.

The  Imprisonment of the Master

The  Imprisonment of the Master

AL HALLAJ, the Great Sufi Mystic is locked up in an infamous prison for nine years. And then, horribly mutilated and executed on March 27, 922, in the year 309 of the Hegira, the Islamic calendar.

The sacred traditions of Islam tell us that on that terrible night, close to dawn, when he had to be brought out of his dungeon to be executed, he stood up and said the ritual prayer, prostrating himself twice.

Those who saw him say that when his prayer was over, he repeated over and over: Deceit, deceit… until the end of the black night and after a long and deep silence, he exclaimed: “TRUTH, TRUTH”. And he stood up again: he tightened the veil of his head, wrapped himself in his blessed mantle, extended his sacred christified hands, turned his divine face towards the Kabha, entered into ecstasy and spoke with his internal God.

When he left the prison it was already light, the crowds saw him in full ecstasy, joyful, dancing, happy under the weight of his chains. The executioners led him mercilessly to the Public Square where, after scourging him with five hundred lashes, they cut off his hands and feet.

The old traditions of the Arab world say that AL HALLAJ was crucified after being scourged and mutilated and that many people heard him speak in ecstasyThe  Imprisonment of the Master with the Father who is in secret, from his own Golgotha.

Oh, my God! I am going to enter the abode of my desires and there I will contemplate your marvels. O, my God, if You manifest Your love even to the one who harms You, how then will You not would you give it to the one who is harmed in You?” (…)

In the evening, when the time for prayer came, the order of the cruel and bloodthirsty caliph came, authorizing the slitting of the holy victim’s throat. But the executioners said: “It’s too late now, let’s leave it for tomorrow.”

Very early in the morning, the Caliph’s order was carried out and AL HALLAJ, still alive, was taken down from the cross and led to have his throat cut. A certain witness heard him say loudly: “What the ecstatic one wants, is the One, only with himself”. Then, full of ecstasy, he recited the following sacred verse: “Those who do not believe in the last hour are dragged into it with haste; but those who believe await it with reverential fear, for they know that it is the TRUTH.”

Thus, with these solemn words the life of the Cosmic Omni and the Most Holy AL HALLAJ concluded. His venerable, blessed head fell bleeding under the blade of the sword, like a bloody holocaust in the ARA of the SUPREME SACRIFICE for humanity. The poisonous hatred of the executioners was so great that it was not even permitted to shroud the corpse or give it a religious burial.

The old traditions of Islam tell that the sacred ashes of the Old Sufi AL HALLAJ were scattered by the wind from the top of the Menorah. Ancient Arab legends say that instead of a white sheet, the body of this Saint was rolled up on a filthy mat, doused with oil. When the holy body burned, consumed by the fire of the holocaust, the whole of nature shook,, filled with infinite terror.

THE GREAT HIEROFANTE SUFI, AL HALLAJ, using a chisel and hammer transformed the ROUGH STONE, giving it a perfect CUBIC shape. The Great Immolated One AL HALLAJ, before dying, had already died absolutely in himself and within himself.

The resplendent Diamond Soul of the Imam AL HALLAJ, walking on the celestial path is going towards the Absolute. The great Sufi Initiate AL HALLAJ was born, died and sacrificed himself totally for humanity.”

Samael Aun Weor

It is worthwhile to conclude (…) with that ineffable prayer that with infinite love the MAHOMEDAN CHRIST, IMAN AL HALLAJ, left us and which is entitled:


 “Here I am, here I am, oh my secret, oh my confidant!

Here I am, here I am, oh my end, oh my meaning!

I call you… no, it is you who call me!

How would I have spoken to You, if You had not spoken to me?

Oh essence of the essence of my existence, oh purpose of my design,

You who make me speak, O You, my utterances. You, my blinking!

O All of my All, O my hearing, O my sight!

O my whole, my composition and my parts!

Oh All of my All, All of everything, enigma I mistake, I obscure the All of Your All by wanting to express You!

O Thou from whom my spirit was suspended, already dying of ecstasy,

Ah! Your garment continues to be my misfortune…

O supreme object I request and hope, O my guest,

O food of my spirit, O my life in this world and in the next!

Be my heart thy ransom! O my hearing, O my sight!

Why so slow, my departing, so far away?

O though for my eyes You hide in the invisible, my heart already beholds You, from far away, yes, from my exile!”


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15 July, 2020
AL HALLAJ the Great Master Sufi

AL HALLAJ the Great Master Sufi

AL HALLAJ, the Great Sufi Master, like other great beings of history, taught by his word and example by giving his life in sacrifice for humanity.
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