27 September, 2021

A message for our consciousness

Classical tales, as well as other expressions of inspiration, deliver lessons to the consciousness in the form of allegories and symbols.
15 July, 2020

AL HALLAJ the Great Master Sufi

AL HALLAJ, the Great Sufi Master, like other great beings of history, taught by his word and example by giving his life in sacrifice for humanity.
5 July, 2020

Wisdom through mental silence

In order to achieve the stillness and silence of the mind, we need to know how to live from instant to instant, to know how to take advantage of each moment, and not to waste the moment.
30 May, 2020

The hidden messages of Parsifal

Great works of art are expressions of Universal wisdom and they contain messages that are from the mind but are understood by the conscience.
13 April, 2020

Knowledge beyond the intellect

Today's culture has us accustomed to using only intellectual knowledge. But true knowledge is much more than just that.
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