The wisdom of living in the moment
The wisdom of living in the moment
22 June, 2021
Life experiences: a guide to self-knowledge
Life experiences: a guide to self-knowledge
31 July, 2021

Are we alone in the universe?

As children, we would look up at the sky on starry nights and wonder: are we alone in the universe? Is there life on other planets? Even as adults, we marvel at the infinite beauty of the night sky and sigh as if longing for a lost memory…

“We are made of the same stuff as the stars, so when astronomy is studied, we are in a sense investigating our remote ancestry and our place in the Universe of stellar matter.”

Harlow Shapley.

The mechanical nature of today’s society numbs our senses, puts us in competition with one another over who is more important or powerful. Yet, in terms of the universe, we are just tiny life forms travelling on a particle of dust. We belong to one of the eight planets that revolve around a not very big star, which is located in a corner of a galaxy: the Milky Way. In this galaxy alone, there are between one hundred and fifty and two hundred and fifty billion stars. Each star has its own planetary system and its own satellites.

There are likewise two trillion galaxies in the observable universe alone, so the vastness of the universe cannot be compared even to the number of grains of sand found on our planet in its vast deserts and oceans.

In the face of this infinity of worlds, doesn’t it seem a little egocentric to believe that we are the only planet with life in the universe?

Faced with these questions, Gnostic wisdom leads us to reflect on the difference between believing and knowing.

Extraterrestrials: To believe or to know?

Materialistic science continues to search fruitlessly for life on nearby planets in our solar system, and in the absence of hard material evidence, it lapses into scepticism, almost as if it were a matter of faith. Almost as if it were a matter of faith. This dilemma divides opinions into believers and non-believers in the existence of extraterrestrial life. This opposition of ideas is unlikely to lead to the truth on the subject.

Gnostic wisdom is knowledge, which invites us to discover the mystery of parallel dimensions. It leads us to understand that just as our body possesses a spirit that is immaterial and therefore cannot be quantified by science, so too there is a fourth coordinate that cannot be accessed by the space technology that humanity possesses today.

The state of life on the planet EarthThe state of life on the planet Earth

The Earth is a very new planetary formation. It is a mere 4,543 billion years old, compared to the 13,770 billion years of the Universe.

Meanwhile, the appearance of man dates back just 140,000 years, which is like a blink of an eye for the universe. Humanity, it is hoped, will one day be able to develop the technology to travel to other systems and distant galaxies millions of light years away.

However, today’s science is divorced from philosophy, art and mysticism, the branches of knowledge that provide the wisdom needed to perceive the great mysteries of the universe.

We, the inhabitants of planet Earth, have become increasingly self-centred, superficial, competitive, ambitious and violent. This has led to our own habitat being endangered. Rivers, seas, soils and the air we all breathe are polluted on a daily basis. Species have been wiped out because of people, and ferocious wars and massacres of all kinds have been waged on each other throughout human history. All in all, it is clear that as long as we have the psychological defects that drive us to destroy life on the planet, and we do not take responsibility for the care of our world home (the small planet we inhabit), we will get further and further away from conquering the infinity of space.

UFO Sightings

“Be careful how you look at the world, because the world will be as you see it”.

With the popularisation of image-capturing devices, thousands of photos and videos of saucers and spacecraft are circulating daily. Perhaps some are staged images, but many others are original and that raises a series of questions that Gnostic wisdom helps to decipher: Do extraterrestrials exist? Why do they come to Earth? What do they come here for?

Well, yes, the answer is conclusive: We are not alone in the universe. They come from civilisations far older and more advanced than ours. They come to help people not to destroy each other, not to destroy the planet we occupy, and to help those who are making a true inner change.

Throughout human history their ships have been able to enter and leave our third dimension at will, and today, as violence, disease and pollution are escalating, they come as our elder brothers and sisters to assist us in the face of so much pain.  However, our consciousness is so dormant that instead of expressing our gratitude to them, military forces of different nations welcome them in the most hostile way, with gunfire and missiles, because their peaceful purpose is not understood.

“It is characteristic of those with narrow minds to attack everything that they cannot comprehend”. Antonio Machado

Why are we afraid?

“Infamous accusations have been raised against the extraterrestrial visitors, the minds of the earthlings judge according to their perversities and want to see in our noble visitors all the hatred of the earthly mind” Samael Aum Weor.

People’ ego always reacts on the basis of its own thinking, beliefs and fears. The fear of being overpowered by an extraterrestrial invasion has led to the creation of the most mistaken concepts (about extraterrestrial life) which are widely spread through movies and television. It is feared that these super-advanced visitors, capable of creating ships that inexplicably disappear, will react as we earthlings are accustomed to react, in an aggressive manner: subjugating, torturing and murdering. The dark and sad pages of human history tell us of the lust for power of the empires that violently subjugated and subdued their conquered peoples.

Samael Aum Weor, in his book Cosmic Ships says, regarding this:

“If they wanted to destroy us, they would have already done so because they have atomic and scientific instruments with which they can blow up any planet in space.”

The inner revolution as an instrument of connectionThe inner revolution as an instrument of connection

Whoever decides to change internally through self-knowledge produces an internal revolution in himself. He not only expands his consciousness, but also changes the circumstances and the environment of those around him.

Gnostic culture gives us, through its science, the practices necessary to definitively eliminate the psychological defects that make up the ego and all its harmful consequences in our lives. It helps us to prepare ourselves philosophically and mystically to be able to contact beings from other galaxies and also to receive the wisdom of their ancient civilisations..

We need to cultivate a sense of art in our own lives, so that the light of consciousness illuminates us in such a way that we become integrated with the universe again.

As we did when we were children, we still long to be space travellers. And today we have the possibility to learn in a practical way how to re-establish that connection and unveil the mysteries of the universe for ourselves.

“Look at the stars. See their beauty. And in that beauty, see yourself”. Draya Mooney

If you wish to explore this topic in more depth, we invite you to enrol in our ongoing courses of self knowledge.


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