17 December, 2018
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12 July, 2019

What is Gnostic Culture?

In these times humanity is submerged in pain, the demographic explosion and the rise of ambition and power has led humanity into poverty, hunger, cruelty, wars, the struggle between corporations, countries, where the one who pays the price is always the “ordinary man”.

Not only humanity is in mourning, nature is even more bereft. The increase in intensive farming of animals for human consumption, deforestation, the extinction of species, pollution, are some of the ways in which nature is dying every day.

So much death condemns the humanity that ultimately is the cause of it. Culture of Latin: “sow”. It is said that a “cultured” individual is usually educated, aware of many aspects of civilization, a polite person of measured temperament.

On the other hand, the word “Gnosis” (from the Greek: “gnosis”) means “knowledge“. Socrates used to teach that sin was a result of ignorance. This is why we consider that knowledge is the basis of the fulfilment of cosmic laws and the triumph of human purpose. Cosmic laws, in addition to having a reason to exist, generate balance. Otherwise without these laws there would be chaos and no purpose in the universe.

How could an individual comply with a law if they neither know about it nor understand its benefits? Knowledge is fundamental to understanding the external world and its laws and also the inner world and its laws.

The level of understanding that an individual has is the basis of their development in their emotions, instincts, thoughts and actions. This, in the end, is what defines their life.

Gnostic Culture teaches techniques that allow a person to open their mind, to understand themselves, freeing themselves from the behaviors or wrong ways of thinking that they carry from their childhood. Philosophy is taught: To learn to change emotional states based on rational truth. Psychology is taught: “to remove what is in excess and add what is missing“, re-creating us as individuals who do good, benefitting those around us and reaching fulfilment within ourselves through feeling the peace that comes with living in the correct way.

These psychological changes are not induced through force or in a violent or repetitive way, since this would be neither effective nor be based on the truth.

Gnostic psychology teaches us to mold ourselves through understanding, because when we understand something, then it makes sense to make a change. The knowledge of the Gnostic Culture is based on the knowledge given by all the guides of the humanity like: Jesus The Christ, Gautama Buddha (India), The Dalai Lamas, Quetzalcoatl (Aztecs), Horus (Ancient Egypt), Mahatma Gandhi (India), Confucius, Plato, etc.

The principles taught by these guides of humanity converge on the same point; Love. Gnostic Culture is an Institution created to understand this knowledge and share it with humanity. It is based on four forms of universal knowledge.

  • Science: Science discovers and understands all the mechanical phenomena of nature, of the individual and of the universe, in all planes of manifestation.
  • Art: Art is pure knowledge. Sometimes an image explains something better than a thousand words.
  • Philosophy: Philosophy is a type of knowledge that helps us to find the truth. In practice we usually use it to keep a positive state of mind before the circumstances of life.
  • Religion: Religion, mysticism, is a way that helps us to reconnect with our god. True Religion brings light to the heart of a person through the truth. Truth that is scientific, not dogmatic. This is why Gnostic Culture considers that Religion and Science must work together. Religion without science becomes dogmatic and ridiculous. Science without religion can fall in the error of making all kinds of diabolic and destructive creations, as well as violating innumerable ethical and moral laws in order to reach a goal. True Religion is a kind of knowledge because it guides us towards Truth.

We invite you to go deeply into these studies for the benefit of your own spirit and all those around you.

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